Jets Weekend Video Clips & Roster Observations


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First a brief TOJ schedule update:

  • Saturday – Thoughts on final roster and depth chart
  • Monday – 100 Predictions about the Jets season
  • Tuesday – 2010 NFL Predictions
  • Wednesday – Initial thoughts on Jets/Ravens and week in 1 in NFL
  • Thursday – New TOJ TV/Something else
  • Friday – Jets vs. Ravens Game Breakdown
  • Saturday – Jets vs. Ravens prediction
  • Sunday – Final notes on Jets on Ravens
  • Monday – Thoughts on week one of NFL and final thoughts on Jets/Ravens

Thoughts on the Jets recent round of cuts –

– To be honest, there was absolutely no surprises. The only player I was disappointed to see leave is receiver Larry Taylor. Hopefully, he can stick on the Jets practice squad or get another chance next season. Danny Woodhead and David Clowney are widely being reported as having roster spots locked down. Unfortunately, Joe McKnight will make the 53 man roster because he was a fourth round pick. It will be a damn shame if Chauncey Washington gets bumped off because of the lackadaisical and soft McKnight. Washington is the kind of player who could actually contribute in some situations and fits well with the Jets ground and pound approach. He provides quality depth and showed he can play on special teams. Hopefully, he sticks on the final 53 even if it means the Jets keep six running backs.

Jets Weekend Video Clips

Welcome to the bench, Brandon Jacobs…it’s a hard knock life, right?

Now, Let’s Get Some Snacks

I Hear You, Random Sports Report Girl

Come Back, Leon

What Darrelle Revis Will Be Doing While The Jets Battle For An AFC East and Super Bowl Title

Could We Be Electric Gliding More Than Expected This Year?

Look at LT go…and Rex talking that smack on the field

Outdated, But Still Hysterical

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  • simplysimon2

    I agree totally about Washington, past and present. Why can’t we just put him on the practice squad and let some other fool grab him and keep Chauncey?

  • Tony C

    Yeah, I agree about C. Washington as well… unless of course later in the season L. Washington ends up worse off than McKnight, than I’ll call it lesser of the two evils.

    And for the record, saw the video with Jacobs, saw he was shaken off. Thank god for that haha, and that hit as awful as it looked, was amazing to see live. Anyone, who wants to know, everytime that vid was on the screens that day. You heard the crowd moan, or groan, and sometimes laugh.

  • simplysimon2

    McKnight is the one I want on the practice squad and let someone else get stuck with this child, please.

  • Tony C

    I say give McKnight a chance on the squad. He does have some redeemable qualities as a returner, given the space. At the very least, against a lesser team… The Bills perhaps, give him a shot in the regular season. If he still is an idiot drop his ass to practice squad and bring up either Washington or Woodhead.