Jets vs. Dolphins Round 1: 12 Pack of Predictions


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First a few updates:

1. Jason Taylor and Nick Mangold both practiced today and are expected to start Sunday night. Mangold is playing with a sprained AC joint in his shoulder and if he encounters too much, Rob Turner will be subbed in. Backup tackle Wayne Hunter won’t be making the trip, which means Vladimir Ducasse will be active for the first time in his NFL career and will be the extra tackle in the Jets jumbo package.

2. Wide receiver Patrick Turner has been moved to the active roster and will likely be a game captain, considering Rex Ryan’s love of making players game captains when they are facing their former teams. Offensive tackle Patrick Brown was waived in a corresponding move.

3. After hearing what Mike Francesa said this week about the Jets organization and how he treated Peter Schwartz…there is no other conclusion to reach except that he is a disrespectful, hypocritical, bitter individual who is lacking knowledge on major issues in the NFL. It is okay when the Giants start Kareem McKenzie in 2008 two days after a DUI. Francesa even let Tom Coughlin on his show to defend the decision. It is okay when the Dolphins don’t suspend Ronnie Brown for a DUI in March. Francesa even let Tony Sparano on his show this week and didn’t challenge him on the issue. It is okay for Francesa to question the character of Mike Tannenbaum, who was always respectful to him but not Bill Parcells who allowed Lawrence Taylor to be a coked up maniac, as long as it didn’t get in the way of the Giants winning. All I can advise Jets fans to do is enjoy how much every victory for Rex Ryan and crew will bother Francesa and inspire pathetic, twisted excuses from him. Keep hating Mike, the Jets are the number one story in this town right now, not your Giants (not even close), not even your Yankees. I just can’t wait until December when the Giants are out of playoff contention and the Jets are battling for a division title to hear how he divides up discussion time on the show, when nobody from the Jets organization will go near him for good reason.

Jets vs. Dolphins Round 1: 12 Pack of Predictions

1. I think the Jets will hold Braylon Edwards out the entire first quarter. After he is subbed in during the second quarter, he will do what he did to the Dolphins secondary last year. They simply don’t have somebody who can match up with him.

2. Miami is going to be focusing their coverage on Dustin Keller, which means Jerricho Cotchery needs to step up in a big way. Sanchez and him just missed on a few big plays last week, so hopefully they can get on the same page for Sunday night.

3. Shonn Greene will get more than the 15 carries he got last week, while LaDainian Tomlinson will be in the 14-16 total touches range.

4. Either Brad Smith or LaDainian Tomlinson will throw a pass tomorrow night.

5. The Jets will do something tricky on special teams. Mike Westhoff has had this game circled on his calendar after the way Miami embarrassed the Jets special team unit last year in their second meeting.

6. Antonio Cromartie will hold Brandon Marshall under 65 yards receiving. Kyle Wilson will play his best game as a pro, considering the drop in competition he is facing after the first two weeks.

7. Mark Sanchez won’t have the gaudy stat line he did from week two, but will put together an efficient, turnover free performance.

8. Even though he has struggled so far this season, Ricky Williams will have a few big plays, like he always does against the Jets.

9. If he frequently gets matched up with Drew Coleman or Dwight Lowery, Davone Bess will put together a strong performance in the slot.

10. Chad Henne will push the ball down the field more than he has so far this season, resulting in a few big plays but also a turnover or two.

11. Jason Taylor will have at least one sack. Nick Mangold is going to have to come out at some point because of pain in his shoulder, yet Rob Turner will hold his own.

12. The Jets are going to have a gut-check performance, playing without Darrelle Revis, Calvin Pace, Kris Jenkins and a banged up Nick Mangold, along with dealing with the Braylon Edwards drama. They will scratch out a hard fought, close victory, thanks to a trick play or two, along with a big turnover created by their defense. I am taking the Jets 17-13.

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Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • If there is one dude in this world who I could drop kick in the face (excluding Curt Schilling and any other Red Sox players) it would be Mike Francesa. I can’t stand that vegan. Clearly ‘vegan’ is synonymous with ‘lamest motherfucker on the face of this Earth’ b/c if I remember correctly, he’s a fat ass. Even if he’s not a fat ass, he’s still a vegan and my mental image of him is a short fat man with a fat face and a mouth that never stops yelling uninformative blabber.

  • Tony C

    Wrong on #7, I feel Mark as much as I like the kid after his turn around performance vs the Pats, I feel like he will turn it over at least once. Remember, with the Pats he did get intercepted but it was challenged and overturned but the original call was an interception had it not been challenged.

    #13, Pat Turner will be the David Clowney of the team while Edwards is on the bench. He will actually have a receiving catch but it will be for no more than 5 yards.
    Thereby adding to the BS notion that if you take a guy from a college team that was with your starting QB during the same years they will have auto chemistry. AKA Joe McKnight.

  • Joe Caporoso

    I prefer to act like the whole Joe McKnight thing never happened…Joe who? The Jets need to get Chauncey Washington on the 53 man roster for later in the year if LT starts slowing down or S. Greene gets banged up.

  • simplysimon2

    Joe, I agree 100% on Chauncey. Get him on the active before someone else does. McKnight could get active as a ST returner if injuries dictate otherwise I feel the same as you about him. We are lining up eye to eye on this comment although I’d like to see Braylon in much earlier. We’re never going to satisfy the nae sayers that want him and the Jets dumped.

  • Tony C

    Hey now, I know McKnight is a joke…. but lets give him some credit I don’t remember him ever working with the starters in the preseason. Lets say the Jets win Sunday and we go into Buffalo 2-1 and they are say… 0-3, That’s the time to take the inactives and wake them up telling them this is the chance they get against a shaky team in rebuilding/dead mode. Patrick Turner can prove he’s here to play, McKnight can get a drive as the chance of pace back behind Greene so he gets his turn, rather than hot hands LT. Any guys like Matt Kroul who showed potential, let Big Bad Vlad get some reps, if he looks decent enough now, and if he shows promise as a pinch hitter Sunday.

  • Kyle Smith

    Joe i picked up Braylon in my fantasy league, i picked him up before the DWI and i planned on playing him because of what he has done to the Dolphins in the past, and because he played good last week. My fantasy team is good but i just dont have the strongest receivers. This week i either have to play mike wallace, mark clayton, or braylon edwards. You think i should go with Edwards?

  • the iron marshal

    francesa is a pig, plain and simple; no scruples, interested only in revivifying the moldy corpse that is his show once the mad dog left, and doing it by any means necessary, including his present activities. I do not abide him, cannot listen to him, would rather hear a speech from obambi than I would suffer his foolish rants.

    On a more positive note, Joe, your thoughts about Chauncey mirror mine – he can put his shoulder down, lay some wood into a tackler, give our guys a spell later in the season when the “hard knocks” start to take their toll, that’s just what our guys will need during the winter/playoffs.

    Be well, JC, keep up the outstanding work.

    T I M