Instant Reaction: Jets Offense Missing In Action, Lose 10-9


And the rest of the NFL world can sleep with a smile on their face knowing the Jets lost tonight.

On opening night the Jets wasted a terrific effort by their defense and special teams, en route to an ugly 10-9 loss. I may be a damn good writer, but I can’t come up with the words to describe how awful the Jets offense was tonight. It was summed up perfectly by running the 9 yard out on 4th and 10 during one of the worst looking two minute drives in NFL history.

The Jets only lost by one point tonight but it sure didn’t feel that close. The positives? LaDainian Tomlinson still has plenty left in the tank. The Jets defense is still about as good as it gets in the NFL, despite incurring more penalties than were mentally comprehensible and playing terrible on third down. Bryan Thomas and Shaun Ellis played the game of their lives and Darrelle Revis looked like the Darrelle Revis from last year.

The negatives? A quick laundry list…

  • The Jets have no absolutely zero passing game.
  • Antonio Cromartie and Kyle Wilson looked like Dwight Lowery and Drew Coleman.
  • Kris Jenkins hurt his leg and could be out for awhile.
  • Shonn Greene mentally checked out of the game after a fumble and did nothing overall.

So, enjoy your gloating Jets haters and Jets fans throw yourself into a massive hysteria of panic. Yet, try to remember that despite playing one of the worst offensive games in recent history, racking up a 125 penalty yards, and playing terrible third down defense, the Jets just lost by 1 point to one of the five best teams in the NFL.

Although, I am already having nightmares about New England throwing the ball on us next week.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Love the column. Could not agree more. Losing Jenkins is a nightmare even though Devito and Pouha stepped it up last year. Sanchez is a train wreck, I get h’es young and learning but then why draft a kid for a win now roster? Ravens are a tough defense but Sanchez had great field position all game. I want to hide in a cave until the Pats game with how terrible media coverage will be on this loss. Worst part is at the end of the game you could here a Lets Go Ravens chant, and it was loud. But that fumble right in the beginning and the defense overall, I think we are still winning the Super Bowl.

  • mykebe1

    I totally agree I can’t believe how much we did wrong and still only lost by 1 but the one positive for our offense at least we gave new england absolutely nothing to look at.

  • Shibadog

    I don’t really blame sanchez, he was doing was he was taught, ball security etc. but he seemed to have no chemistry with his receivers on the deep routes. Other than the one nice completion to Keller that was called back. Braylon who?

  • Joey C

    Yea the defense definitely lacked discipline last nite & they better straighten up if they are gonna be a major contender.

    There were some questionable penalties called but the majority of them were good calls that showed the Jets have alot to work on still.

    As far as Sanchez goes, they definitely tried to keep him under wraps this game & never turned him loose, so u cant totally blame the game he had on him.

    I like Leonhard better on punt returns than Wilson right now & Greene definitely needs to calm down & learn how to protect the damn ball.

    Hopefully we dont lose Jenks again or we will have a big problem, eventhough Pouha had a huge game for us.

    On a lighter note….does anybody else find it funny that Giants fans are so concerned with how the Jets & Cowboys do when they really should be worried about how their team and supposed elite quarterback played against a crappy Carolina team??

  • dooooowa

    The good:

    -I think our defense was great (without looking at the penalties). I think they got a little tired after some time, and thats the offenses fault.

    – Is it just me or had the Jets very good pressure with only 4 to 5 guys in the beginning?

    – Defense without Jenkins (great play by our backups at D-Line)

    – Special teams was good. Weatherford had an awesome day!

    – LT. I love having him.

    The Bad:
    – Offense! Just everything was bad. Execution, Play Calling. Fire Schotty, please! I’ll take 1 int for Sanchez every game, if they just TRY to go down the field.

    – Rex play calling in third down. How many complete 3rd downs does he need to realize that the all out blitz doesn’t work? Don’t get me worng, Rex is great, but that was just BAD!

    Maybe it’s a good thing, so that we can come down to earth.

  • dooooowa

    I forgot something: Our WR’s shifted so much. It looked like dancing pre snap …
    I think Schotty love to see WR’s shifting so much, that he doesn’t care what happens after the snap.

  • Corbett

    Joey C…..are you kidding with that Giants comment? You can’t possibly be taking shots at the Giants after week one, especially after the Jets performance. That ‘supposed elite quarterback’ even after having 3 picks, which came off tipped passes by his own receivers hands, still managed a 30 point higher QB rating than Sanchez, and most importantly got the “W”. Also, of course Giants fans are ‘so concerned about how the Cowboys do’, they are in the same division, and were facing a division rival. So, obviously that would be an important game. Just focus on the Jets, focus on their positives, because there are still plenty.

  • Angel

    One of the WORST offensively called games I’ve ever seen. Sanchez wasn’t allowed to develop a rhythm throwing the ball, the running game was predictable, and just about every WR route was a slant.

    This reminds me of some of the foreboding omens I’ve seen in HardKnocks:

    Rex Ryan lamenting “if only we can get through the first 4 games..” without Holmes. Rex knew the offense wasn’t up to par.

    All the talk about L-Tomlinson and silence regarding Shaun Greene.

    The coaches discussing their options at LG and fearing for Sanchez’ health. Tannenbaum learned nothing from the Pete Kendal fiasco. Letting go of Faneca without a suitable replacement. A hole at LG is hazardous to the health of the entire offense—ESPECIALLY Mark Sanchez.

    Sanchez calling the plays in the only good-looking drives in the entire preseason. Sanchez turns to Schotty and says, “This is easy. You suck Schotty.” He was joking, but sometimes there is a little truth in jokes.

    For all the talk about the Jets Defense and all the penalties and 3rd down conversions allowed… so what? The Ravens scored 10 points. The Jets should score enough points to beat any team that they hold to 10 points.

    I’m not happy at all, but I bet the Jets put up 24 + points against the Pats.

    Jets had a weak offensive debut, Pats had a strong debut. Watch it all flip next week. Watch the Giants get blown out next game. That’s the way the NFL works.

  • simplysimon2

    What a bummer. Tough going to sleep with images of penalties and a nervous Sanchez. As good as special teams and the front 7 were, the 2nd & 3rd CBs stank as well as the play calling on both sides. I’m for starting the other Mark and letting Sanchez call the plays. Schotty needs to quit football and become a ballet choreographer. All that pre-snap dance means nothing if you handcuff your QB. Maybe he should choreograph S&M porn.

  • Joey C

    Corbett…i didnt come at the giants…if u read my comment correctly, i came at the giants FANS that were bashing the Jets…and obviously i kno dallas is in the same division but it doesnt eliminate the fact that overall the giants struggled against a poor carolina team…& as for the tipped passes, at least two of them were thrown behind the receiver while he was mid-air or too high for him to catch….so no i was not coming at the giants as a team, just the ignorant fans that i have encountered

    and as for the quarterback rating, sanchez did wat he was told to do by his coaches…he managed the game…he isnt the one that makes the play calls, he just executes them

  • Jimi

    I remember a few times Sanchez looking at Shotty with an expression of “Really??” when the plays were called…like the 6 yard pass that didnt get them out of bounds on that first down during the last drive. Shotty looked like Paul Hackett last night…

  • T

    I wouldn’t really call what Sanchez did on Monday night executing the plays. The main difference I saw in that game between Sanchez and Flacco is poise. In the face of unbelievable amounts of pressure Sanchez was throwing to his well covered check downs before he even took a glance down field and way before the pressure got to him. Flacco stands calmly in the pocket in the face of pressure and continues to look down field for big plays getting rid of the ball at the last possible second. That is why their third down conversion percentage was so good.

    Flacco also had a hand in perserving a Ravens win by tracking down Cromartie on that interception return. The jets fumbled a few plays later in field goal range.

    Although I wouldn’t recognize either as elite quarterbacks, Flacco is a guy that I can see taking a talented team to the Super Bowl, while Sanchez is not. Not to mention, the crippling weight of NYC has been on his shoulders since the end of last season.

  • Joe Caporoso

    I hear where you are coming from T…yet you are off base with comments on Sanchez based on a single game. You have to remember how he played in the playoffs last year before writing him off as a QB who can’t win a Super Bowl.

    Today is a great day to vent for Jets fans…tomorrow it is time to move on because week 2 is feeling like a must win already

  • T

    You’re right, shouldn’t say that I can’t see him winning a superbowl, my point is more based in the comparison of him and Flacco. I don’t know that I am entirely off base. The key to last year was that the Jets making a run to the AFC Championship was a surprise. Now he appears jittery and not confident at all. This is due mostly to the hype. The high expectations of offseason moves, Hard Knocks, and a coach who is a media darling were ever-present in a long offseason. Flacco experience a similar rookie season, but in Baltimore he is relaxed, because although there is Super Bowl hype, there isn’t the added pressure of the big apple and the media. I almost see the Ravens and Jets as mirror images of each other. They run the same defense, have conservative run first offenses, and made some big moves in free agency. The big difference is that the Ravens are in Baltimore and nobody cares because their either working the corners like in The Wire or their at the Aquarium or something. No pressure.