Dear Darrelle: It's Not You, It's Me


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Dear Darrelle:

It has been a good run, buddy. I remember watching you back at Pittsburgh with that ridiculous punt return and keeping my fingers crossed the Jets would draft you in 2007. I knew we weren’t going anywhere with David Barrett, Hank Poteat, and Andre Dyson battling it out for reps at cornerback. When the Jets traded up for you, I wrote a glowing review of the move for MVN, which was probably read by 17 people. I could tell this was the start of something good.

Even though the 2007 Jets were one of the worst teams I ever watched on a weekly basis. It wasn’t hard to see Mike Tannenbaum had got it right by making the move to draft you. I saw your first career NFL interception in person, against the Bills. Yes, you ran into Abram Elam later in the game which let Lee Evans score a game winning 80 yard touchdown but still you put together a great rookie campaign.

You kept heading in the right direction in 2008. You clinched the game against the Dolphins in week one with an interception. You scored your first NFL touchdown when we beat down the Arizona Cardinals. You sealed our improbable late season win against Buffalo with an interception. We might have might melt down because Brett Favre quit on us but at least we had an All-Pro corner.

Photobucket2009? Wow, maybe the best individual season I ever saw a Jets player put together. I argued with people until my face turned blue that you deserved Defensive Player of the Year. Unless you watched every snap of the Jets season, you couldn’t understand just how well you played. Revis Island was no joke. You literally shut everybody down and just kept getting better as the playoffs got rolling. You embarrassed Chad Ochocinco, pulled in a crazy interception against Vincent Jackson. I can’t blame you for the Colts game. I just blame Dwight Lowery, who I now have to watch play major reps in 2010 because you aren’t going to show up.

I had your back early in this contract dispute. I was all for “Pay The Man”…check my twitter history, I swear. Yet, then you had a fake injury in minicamp and sat out a few plays. You can’t be lying to us like that. However, I gave you another chance.

Now, it is September and you are still holding out. Maybe you will still sign before the regular season starts, but I lost my faith in Revis Island. I can’t expect you to be shutting people down after taking the whole summer off. You are probably going to get hurt. Now, I am actually starting think we could see a “Ewing Theory” on the 2010 Jets. Rex Ryan and the rest of this defense is looking to prove they can survive without their best player. I think they can still get the job done.

It isn’t often the Jets are considered a legitimate Super Bowl contender and your holdout is messing with my optimism. It is messing with my universe. I can’t help but hope we start 2-0 and the Jets firmly dig in on their offer and you sit out the entire season, and we go on to win the Super Bowl without you. Then we can ship you off to Tampa Bay or St. Louis where you could wallow in irrelevancy on a terrible team and get all those Nike endorsements taken away.

Maybe, that’s harsh and if you sign in the next week I might be able to give you a second chance. You are hard to get over, #24. I can’t lie. Yet for now, I think we need to take some time off and I need to tuck away my Revis jersey in my drawer behind the old Santana Moss, Chad Pennington, and Jonathan Vilma jersey. I am sorry Revis Island, it’s not you…it’s me.


Turn On The Jets

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Jimi

    Perfect. Just plain perfect.

  • Mr. Garbonzo

    took the words out of my mouth, well said

  • Joey C

    excellently written buddy….simply brilliant

  • Corbett

    Well put Jogambo, and I mainly approve because of the Seinfield reference.

  • Bubba T

    You will need to hail Lord Revis

  • Coach

    Joe, I began to reach for the Kleenex by the third paragraph. Is it really over? Are you really giving up on him or will you load up the bandwagon after that first Tom Brady int. Revis still has and island, Long Island probably in the Hamptons. Good Luck getting him back and keeping him healthy. Based on what I’ve seen from your offense you can’t afford to give up more that a couple of FG’s.

  • Gsmove

    I like Revis, but he is gone. Even if he came back, inevitably he will get hurt trying to get back to game speed. So he wont be any good to us until maybe week 10. he’s done we move on and see what happens.

    Sanchez hold the keys. That worry’s me…lol. I’ve never been so nervous..this good be really great or go done like Testaverde week 1 of ’99.

    At least if we fail we can blame on Revis not being around…jk.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Bubba T…are you Sean Gilbert??

  • Thatlcswag

    Took the words right out of my mouth…very well written. VERY WELL written Mr. Caporoso

  • BubbaT

    Lord Revis holds the future of the Jets team in the palm of his hand. Sign him to a 5 year $100 Million contract quickly before it is too late