Your 2010 Guide To Jets Haters


The New York Jets are arguably the most talked about team in the NFL heading into the 2010 season. Without argument being necessary, they have talked more than any team in the NFL heading into the 2010 season. Rex Ryan is a brash and confident individual, who hasn’t toned down his personality since becoming a head coach and his mentality has trickled down to the entire organization to an extent.

The result is that you either love him or hate him, along with either loving or hating the 2010 Jets. Fans obviously admire the swagger and confidence brought to an organization desperately in need of it, while other players or coaches have praised his approach. Defending Super Bowl champion head coach, Sean Payton, has repeatedly complimented the mentality Ryan has brought to the Jets and how he runs his team. Adam Schefter reported players were texting their agents how badly they wanted to play for Rex Ryan after watching Hard Knocks.

However, Rex Ryan and the Jets have brought out a particular vitriolic hate out of some individuals heading into the season. You can already picture them huddled around the TV screen tomorrow, anxiously waiting for the Giants to get a first down on the Jets defense so they could get out of a few nasty comments on Rex Ryan and the overrated, overhyped Jets. You can allow these haters to get under your skin or you can realize Rex and the Jets are having a good time, and they’re just trying to ruin it. Sit back and enjoy your 2010 New York Jets because they are going to be good and they aren’t going to be shy about letting you know it. However, here is a guide to those who will be stammering and twisting their face with each Jets victory this year:

Mike Francesa – The iconic radio personality from WFAN can’t stand Rex Ryan and really since Bill Parcells left, can’t stand the New York Jets. Francesa has been particularly vicious with the Jets lately because nobody from their organization will go on his show after he spent all of December and January ripping them apart, despite their playoff run. He also nearly fell out of his chair after watching the first episode of Hard Knocks. Francesa tore into the “classless” Jets and their “bumbling” head coach, while Giants fans called in so they could all shake their heads in shame together and wonder why the Jets couldn’t be more dignified like the New York Giants. How could Rex Ryan curse like that? How could he? You would think the guy was beating up small children on national television, instead of using expletives when talking to his football team at 10 PM on premium cable. Clearly, no other coaches have ever cursed in NFL history.

Francesa will find any possible way to avoid giving the Jets credit when they win football games. He has completely sided with Darrelle Revis in his contract dispute and is calling the New Meadowlands “Giants Stadium 2.” If the Jets start the season 6-0, Francesa will attribute it to luck. Remember he knows more about football than Rex Ryan, regardless of how good the Jets defense in in 2010.

New York Giants Fans – A quick aside for Giants fans, stop calling into the local radio shows and acting like the best teams in your history weren’t led by a linebacker fueled by cocaine and hookers. The word “classless” is thrown around so easily as a shot at Ryan and the Jets it is ridiculous. The Jets don’t have to take the same approach as the Giants to football. You can hate on Rex Ryan all you want but his team didn’t quit on him the final two games of the regular season last year. Worry about your own team. I am aware your organization has a much better history and has won substantially more, yet at this moment the Jets are a better team and deserve more headlines.

Mike Florio – Every other article Florio has written this off-season has been about the Jets. Mike Tannenbaum is on the hot seat. Rex Ryan is overweight. LaDainian Tomlinson is washed up. Braylon Edwards is a jerk and can’t catch. Mark Sanchez isn’t going to be a good quarterback in the NFL. Joe Namath shouldn’t be in the hall of fame. Darrelle Revis is right in his contract dispute. New York smells bad (yes he wrote an article deriding the smell of the city as part of the news on his site). The Jets won’t go back to the playoffs in 2010. NBC, I’m in the same company. Give me a commercial during Sunday Night Football in a fancy suit in front of a laptop on a cell phone, like you did for Florio. I can call people names and pick on the teams I don’t like, while passing it off as news. I promise I will never report that Terry Bradshaw died when he didn’t and won’t use the same stale jokes referencing The Office and Seinfeld.

Armando Salguero – Dolphins beat writer who constantly wags his finger at the Jets for lacking class, neglecting the parade of Dolphins who have recently been arrested and the way GM Jeff Ireland conducts business.

Message Board/Website Trolls – I always love hearing from the Dolphins and Patriots fans who take the time to visit the Jets ESPN Message Board to express their displeasure with the team. I also thoroughly enjoy the derogatory comments they leave for me here at TOJ, which I have the ability to erase since I do run the site and all. So please, keep visiting the site, giving me hits, taking the time to curse me out and calling me elaborate slurs (greasy Jets loving meatball was my favorite)…we appreciate the support. Also, keep waking up in the morning and saying “man Rex Ryan makes me so mad, I am going on the Jets message board instead of my own team’s to talk about how much I hate him. That will show those Jets fans.”

Easy responses to common Jets bashing

“Rex Ryan is a bumbling idiot” – He is a head coach in the NFL, what do you do?

“Mark Sanchez is terrible” – He won two playoff games his rookie year, how many playoff games did your quarterback win his rookie year?

“Their defense isn’t elite” – It was ranked number one in the NFL last year, hence it is elite.

“LaDainian Tomlinson is washed up” – Good thing we have Shonn Greene.

“They can’t survive without Alan Faneca” – Good thing we still have Nick Mangold, D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Brandon Moore, and Damien Woody.

“You haven’t won anything” – Only the Saints and Colts had a better season than us last year, and nobody has won anything yet this year.

“What about Darrelle Revis” – Shut up.

In Rex We Trust

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • michael mcclendon

    My fav is what about darelle revis- shut up lol let’s change that to shut the hell up lol

  • “They’re classless” and “Chemistry issues!” are where haters turn when they run out of reasonable, football-related criticisms. Don’t even bother hearing them out.

  • Zaf

    Joe, I could not have said it any better myself. I’ve been wanting to write something like this over at GGN, but never got around to it. Oh how SWEET it will be when Florio and Francesca specifically have to eat their words. We should make them kiss Rex’s ass if the JETS win the superbowl this year.

  • Joey C

    great post cap…..all this stuff is so true….Francesca is the biggest hater of all and i have to watch him everyday at the gym because the manager insists on keeping the YES network or watever channel it is on…..i especially loved the part about the great Giants teams being led by a cocaine fueled linebacker

    too bad they didnt have drug testing back then like do now…the guy woulda lasted two games and never woulda been allowed to play again lol

  • 2010 New York Stacked Exchange

    great article, man. you were right on the money in everything, especially with those jets hating dbags francessa and florio

  • cmonleon

    lol love the revis part. but we should change it to the 85 bears won the superbowl with the best defense ever missing two pretty good starters on there defense the whole season.

    Eat that Fatcessa

  • Shane L.

    Best article I’ve read the entire offseason anywhere. Major props dude, you managed to put every single guy that I’ve wanted to knock out, in his place.

    I admit I used to watch Francessa on YES everyday, looked forward to it even, was a big fan. When the Jets got rollin last year and he started this hate parade, I gave up, haven’t listened to him since. All Jets fans should boycott him, except the fruity old “Jets fans” that hate the Jets too and agree with everything he says just to kiss up.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Thanks for all the positive feedback on the article…there will be nothing better than watching Francesa and Florio come up with excuses and express their frustration when the Jets play to their potential in 2010.

  • george JETSon

    you forgot about Balldinger, Wilcox and Lombardi over at NFL networkswho have us going 8-8 or worst.

  • Jimbo

    Nobody makes my blood boil more than Mike Francesa…

  • OldRogue

    “..Rex and the Jets are having a good time, and their just trying to ruin it.”

    Did you really write “their?” The word you want is a contraction of “they are,” and should be written, “THEY’RE!”

  • JetsFanSince67

    Joe, first time on your board. It only took me 5 paragraphs and I’m hooked. As soon as I read through your comments on Mike Francesa, I cheered! Now I know where al the real Jets fans go! Sorry it took so long. Keep up the good work!

  • Kool-Aid Man

    Ohhh yeaaah!! Drink it up!

  • Fellow Basement Jet

    greasy Jets loving meatball huh….it’s funny because its true that must have been from someone who knows you

  • bcolt44

    Stop listening to sports radio. It exists only to piss you off and make you dumber.

  • Jay

    anyone who hates only hates because they wish they had what we have now as jet fans. I just watched that video of rex adressing the team again, and every time i see it, it gives me goosebumps, I love it. So Giants players, their fans, morons like FATsessca and florio, none of them have to like, it actually I am glad that they do not like it, but they need to get used to it because the jets and rex are not going anywhere….god, francessa sucks so bad

  • Fantastic list! Favorite is definitely about Revis.
    Plus to all the trash talking Giants fan, I think you summed it up. Our team goes full out 24/7. What did your team do at the end last night?