Weekend Video Clips: Life Without Revis Edition



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A preview of Jets/Carolina coming tomorrow morning…

Almost 150,000 views already?

[youtube b5qzQ2HBh0s]

Run With It, Antonio

[youtube J_8C6uderLo]

All of a sudden, a ton of pressure on the rookie

[youtube 1TMCiFmr7E4]

AFC Championship Game AKA The Massacre of Dwight Lowery

[youtube -wg0oj7muno&feature=related]

Why in God’s name is Drew Coleman in a photo shoot?

[youtube VzMgvnv-3fE]

I mean, he couldn’t even cover Ted Ginn Jr.

[youtube MyPtJF-IgPc]

Or Lee Evans

[youtube 4sxkXH6gZ08&feature=related]

Okay, enough of my bitterness

[youtube Z0Dbh7udlTw]

Damn it…well at least we got this guy now

[youtube BOfouSAAkZY]