TV Critic: Hard Knocks Episode #1


A short and sweet review of episode 1 of Hard Knocks –

1. Overall, I was a little disappointed. Rex Ryan’s speech in the beginning had me ready to jump out of my seat and start fighting all the Giants fans around me (good thing I didn’t, or I wouldn’t be typing this right now). However, after that we spent a little too much time with Kevin Basped, Aaron Kia, Brashton Satele, and Jason Davis. I would’ve liked to see a little more Nick Mangold, Braylon Edwards, and Shonn Greene among others.

2. Kris Jenkins and Bart Scott didn’t disappoint. You have to love Jenkins passion on the field. He was going crazy during that goal-line drill. Scott was entertaining, as expected. I’m glad we got to hear his ribbing of Mark Brunell.

3. It sounds like the groundwork is being laid for John Conner to take Tony Richardson’s job. I would urge the Jets coaching staff to use extreme caution in this “battle.” It would be incredibly foolish to cut Tony Richardson, who is the strongest veteran presence in the huddle, especially with Thomas Jones and Alan Faneca now gone. It is one thing to gradually assimilate Conner into the offense but Richardson still has value on this team and should remain the de facto staring fullback, even if Conner eventually ends up taking more reps.

4. Broadway Joe…always fun to watch, although you certainly got the vibe everybody in the quarterback meeting room was humoring him and yessing him to death on his suggestions.

5. We didn’t see anything in this episode to make you think the Revis negotiations are ending anytime soon.

6. Nice catch Santonio Holmes, Braylon Edwards, and even you Mark Sanchez but work on those botched snaps.

7. Cafe Ryan? You knew the big guy would be sneaking pretzels and MMs, but at least he has a sense of humor about it.

8. Where were you? Kyle Wilson, Joe McKnight, Jerricho Cotchery, Jim Leonhard, David Harris and  D’Brickashaw Ferguson.

Next Week – A big helping of Mike Westhoff and Mark Brunell on Old Timer’s Day at Hard Knocks.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Steve


    Last nights show was amazing..the whole thing about hard knocks is to show off the scrubs for a segment of the episode.

    As for Red Ryan, he is the coolest coach alive, every player loves him and keeps on a friendly, but superior leval at all times.

    and Sanchez’s hands are incredible.WOW

  • steve

    Although Tannenbaum mentioned that he felt like failure because of the Revis situation, Tanny needs to stop patting himself on the back, “Look at number 10, i wonder who the hell traded for that guy,” or “hey i bet that John Connor guy won’t be labeled a bust.” i loved Bart Scott and I loved Rex. Rex breathes football, i love his passion for the sport and coming from a former college football player he’s every football player’s dream as a coach. I really hope they resign Revis, him and Cromartie is one nasty situation for receivers to face. I agree i want to see the rookies like McKnight, Wilson and Ducasse. I think overall they can have more football, maybe less witht the slow motion shots, and less Revis talk. To me it sounds like they are desperate to have him even know they mention the word “trade” following his name. They need to do away with all the Revis talk especially in front of their team. I love the speech in the beginning but if you think you can win the superbowl without Revis, then DONT MENTION HIS NAME! Thats my opinion.

  • Angel

    Wow, I got upgraded to add HBO just to watch HardKnoocks [times are tough trying to save money where I can].

    1.Though I liked Rex’s speech, I cringed at how many times he said “G-D.” I can hear F-Bombs all night long, but I thought it was getting a bit ridiculous. Also, I would have liked to hear a little more substance. It was more an emotionally motivating speech than a tactical and informative plan. I would have liked to hear both.

    2. Love all the personalities on the Jets. Everyone is likable. Bart Scott came off as humorous rather than cocky, which I liked to see.

    3. I agree, keep Richardson at least for this year. Ease Connor into the role and let the offense benefit from Tony’s experience and leadership.

    4. They were totally humoring Namath when they should have been taking notes. Joe KNOWS the game inside and out which is why he was able to excel despite garbage knees. I didn’t like seeing that one bit.

    5. Not to brag, but one of my biggest talents is seeing through people and sizing them up very quickly. Tannenbaum is a slime-ball who is “playing up” to the camera’s. Total acting job by him. He was very aware of the camera and making sure the camera saw what he wanted it to see. Fortunately, he really is trying to do what’s best for the Jets. The Revis situation may be as dire as he’s making it out to be, but it has a lot to do with the slimeball personalities involved. Revis’ agent is the biggest douchebag of them all.

    6. Wow on Sanchez’ hands. What are the odds we see him catch a deep pass from Brad Smith this season?

    7. Ryan has me worried. He really lacks self control and discipline. Gastric bypass surgery is no joke and if he can’t adhere to his diet his NFL career will be short—and so will his life.

    8. I felt bad for Basped but hell, his knees are shot. It would be a disservice to keep him around. I am looking forward to seeing more of Rex, Sanchez, Bart Scott, and Jenkins and looking forward to meeting Gholston, Pool, Ducasse, Slauson, and Wilson.

  • 16


    The best review of Hardnocks was from Adam Schefter’s twitter account,

    Adam_Schefter “Fact: After watching Hard Knocks last night, players are texting their agents this morning that they want to go play for Rex Ryan.

  • Joe Caporoso

    16 – That is exactly the kind of thing you want to hear about your team.

    Angel – I agree 100 percent about keeping Richardson and yes they need somebody who is strict with Ryan about his food trailing him around. It was also bizarre watching Tannenbaum nearly pull his hair out.

    Steve – Sounds like there has finally been some tangible progress on the Revis talks.

  • matt

    i thought it was awesome, but i had the same thought as u did…where was j-co,wilson,harris,leonhard,dbrick

  • Coach

    Joe, As always great to see you and the “Basement Group”. As far as the show, pure Bull. What he does for attention is “somewhat effective” given the fact that he has had some success in the NFL. I question how long you can do that without the act wearing thin on his players and coaches. Namath is a JOKE! Worst player ever to be elected to the Hall! Case closed! The schedule is tough and I am wondering what he is going to say if they start out 3-3 or worse. Should be interesting. I hope you come over before or after each game because you, like Rexy are pure entertainment!

  • logan

    after watching it I was amzing in the works don’t miss out

  • Harper

    I can totally see through Angel and his comments (it’s one of my greatest talents). Angel is a slimeball.

  • Joe Caporoso


    I am not surprised to hear you criticize Ryan and Namath. However, I am looking forward to another NFL season of battling with you, the Colts are the AFC’s best until somebody knocks them off…I think they may finally be due this year.

    I do believe Rex is genuine. He is being himself and isn’t going to put on the Belichick act because he became a head coach.

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