Response To Rant Of Angry Giants Fan – Shonn Greene and Ron Dayne Comparison Makes No Sense


Here is my response to Dan Donohue’s assertion that Shonn Greene could be the second coming of Ron Dayne, which was posted here:

Response To Rant Of Angry Giants Fan – Shonn Greene and Ron Dayne Comparison Makes No Sense

I honestly don’t even want to humor this argument because it is a way to deflect the reality that Shonn Greene is about to rush for more yards than Brandon Jacobs in 2010, by a decent margin. However, that is a different article for a different day (and in reality an article I wrote already, right here . Let’s go through Dan’s argument for the hell of it:

First off, I would say Shonn Greene’s running style reminds me much more of Eddie George than Ron Dayne. Yes, George did eventually wear down but not until after he ran for 10,441 yards and 78 touchdowns. George weighed 235 pounds and Greene weighs 230 pounds, not the rotund 255 pounds Dayne weighed back in the day, with his Doritos guy and all. I am aware George is 4 inches taller than Greene but their upright form is where I see the similarity.

Moving back to Dayne, in his rookie year he averaged 3.4 yards per carry, which isn’t in the same stratosphere as Greene during his rookie season when he averaged 5.0 yards per carry. Dayne’s 3.4 yards per carry is much more comparable to the 3.7 yards per carry Brandon Jacobs averaged last season, perhaps it would be more suitable to compare the two of them.

Generally, I hear what Dan is saying about Thomas Jones softening the defense for Shonn Greene. It is true that Greene still has to prove he can be a full time starting back. However, in the few games Greene was given “lead back” carries, he showed he was up to the task. As a matter of fact, here are his stats when he had 13 or more carries:

  • Vs. Cincinnati – 13 carries, 62 yards, 4.8 YPC
  • At Indianapolis – 16 carries, 95 yards, 5.9 YPC
  • At Oakland – 19 carries, 144 yards, 7.6 YPC
  • At Cincinnati – 21 carries, 135 yards, 6.4 YPC
  • At San Diego – 23 carries, 128 yards, 5.6 YPC

I don’t know, even though I agree to an extent about Thomas Jones softening up the defense, I am also kind of anxious to see what Greene can do with that amount of carries on a regular basis. Greene left the AFC Championship Game because he couldn’t breath from taking a rib shot, when he tried to come back in the coaching staff held him for Thomas Jones, who wasn’t half bad himself last year.

PhotobucketPeter King has said he thinks Greene is a 1400 yard back. I have said I think he will finish in the 1200-1300 yard range, I think most fans or people covering the team think he will be a 1100-1300 yard guy. Ideally, he will be filling the Thomas Jones role from last year with LaDainian Tomlinson and Joe McKnight combining to fill the Leon Washington role from the first 6 games before he got hurt. Tomlinson and especially McKnight won’t get enough carries to come anywhere near 1,000 yards in my mind. You assertion that Tomlinson will run for more yards than Greene on less carries is about as crazy as saying you expect Jake Delhomme to throw more touchdowns than Peyton Manning.

I didn’t spend much time talking about Ron Dayne because well he is…Ron Dayne. Yet, I would prepare for to see the Jets top notch offensive line and ground and pound approach lead Greene to a superior season than any running back on the pass happy, questionable offensive line Giants.

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Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • dmd13

    Why don’t you stick to the issue at hand instead of ripping Jacobs… The article is about Shonn Greene not BJ…and with your YPC logic Greene is better than AP, MJD, Steven Jackson, Thomas Jones and Frank Gore? You do realize its harder to run against a fresh defense right? (i.e. the main point of my article)

    All you do is bolster my argument and say Dayne weighed 20 more lbs than Greene… Check their combine numbers Dayne has a better 40 time as well as being heavier.

    2 games where the teams laid down(COLTS+BENGALS 1ST TIME)


  • Joey C

    Bengals didnt lay down the first time buddy….thats a common misconception by everyone that hates the Jets & Chad Johnson since Revis shut him down…by the time they took their starters outta the game the Jets were already well ahead

  • Joe Caporoso

    Nobody said he was an elite running back…the bottom line is that he is obviously a talented guy, who is the clear cut starter on a team that runs the football more than any other team in the NFL, behind arguably the league’s best offensive line, that equals a likely 1200 yard season

    Also, Cooch is right about week 17…the bengals didn’t lay down, they just weren’t good enough to beat the Jets, as they proved in the wild-card round

  • S Gato

    C’mon guys, the Bengals laid down in that game cuz they wanted the Jets in the playoffs which totally backfired in their face. They had nothing to play for that Sunday night and I was there and saw a horrible game first hand.

    Also Dan Im kind of torn with your disertation, hows that free time treating you? I agree Thomas Jones softened the defense and Shonn Greene has only shown 3 good games (13 carries is not a full time load for any rb, sorry joe) and there has to be durability concerns. I think its ridiculous to think LT is gonna have more yards than Greene, I just dont see it. A better argument would be how the Jets are gonna miss the 2nd and 4th quarter stats of Greene and Leon Washington who Joe fought so hard over last summer in the epic Reggie Bush vs Leon argument and Joe was proved wrong as Bush had a prominent playoff impact helping the Saints win the Superbowl. Anyway back to missing Leon, Pete Carrol esentially traded his own guy Mcknight for Leon in the draft and that seems to be the right move so far. I see the Jets having a good year mainly cuz of the defense keeping them in every game but every Jets fan should be weary of the swap out of Greene and LT/Mcknight for Thomas Jones and Greene/Leon cuz to win they need to run the ball.

  • dmd13

    Since when is a 62 yard performance considered good? 1
    3 carries is not the benchmark for a high workload…

    Lets not forget he put the ball on the carpet in the 1st quarter which fortunately was negated for defensive offsides

  • Exy

    Dan, I see your point about the similar styles of Dayne and Greene. I was a pretty big fan of Dayne when he was at Wisconsin and there’s no doubt that they run pretty much the same way. The key difference though is that Greene looks like Dayne did as a Badger, instead of as a Giant. You KNOW that for whatever reason, Dayne just wasn’t anywhere near as good in the NFL. You didn’t see the same burst out of him at all. He looked like he just never caught up to the speed of the NFL. Greene has already shown more promise in the NFL than Dayne ever did. Anyone who doesn’t admit that either doesn’t remember things correctly or is biased.

  • dmd13

    Exy, I certainly agree Dayne never looked like the running back he was at Wisconsin, but I am just saying playing against a fresh defense/being dinged up all season because you get 20 carries a game can not be overlooked. I have seen Greene come off the bench with great power and speed and run by defenders, can he bring that 25 times a game is the real question? If Dayne was 65th pick overall and he had close to 800 yards and 5 td’s in his rookie year… you would have to come to the conclusion thats a great pick, no? Bottom line he was a huge bust and he didn’t do anything in the NFL similar to Shonn Greene but Greene did have some positive looks that could lead people to the conclusion he will be 1000+ runner but to crown him 1400+ based off of basically 2 playoff games is quite absurd.

    Sometimes it sucks just being a role player, but 98% of the NFL players are just playing their role and theirs nothing wrong with that. Shonn Greene doesn’t need to be a 1400+ runner for the Jets to go 12-4, so why set the bar so high for him?

  • Joe Caporoso

    I am pretty sure he will at least need to be a 1100-1200 yard rusher for the Jets to win the division. The Jets are built to run the football and play defense and Greene is the starting back. LT is way past his prime and can’ be relied on for that type of production. If the Jets starting RB (Greene) can’t run the ball, they are in trouble