Pondering A Season Without Revis


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Monday Practice Recap –

  • Good to hear Mark Sanchez went 9/12 with a touchdown today. This is his first practice with a completion percentage over 50 percent. Hopefully, he is building off a relatively strong showing at the Green and White Scrimmage.
  • David Clowney was back on the practice field and pulled in a 20 yard touchdown reception from Sanchez to end the team’s two minute drill. It hasn’t been released why Clowney missed the past few days.
  • Rex Ryan’s press conference love affair with Vernon Gholston continued today. Gholston better drop Eli Manning and Jim Sorgi two times a piece next Monday.
  • Dwight Lowery went to the coaching staff to volunteer his starting position (in place of Darrelle Revis) to rookie Kyle Wilson. Rex Ryan praised the team mentality and commented that Lowery would play a variety of roles on the Jets defense anyway. This move was probably going to happen anyway, with the longer Revis holdout lasted. It is better to thron the rookie out there now because it is starting to become more and more likely Revis could miss a portion of the regular season, if not the entire thing.
  • Nick Folk…5/5.
  • Jason Taylor tweaked his groin. Braylon Edwards had limited reps with a sore knee. Mario Davis, Jeff Cumberland, and Brashton Satele all missed practice with minor injuries. Surprise, surprise…Joe McKnight was suffering from dehydration.

Pondering A Season Without Revis

Let’s get to the big news of the day. The Jets met with Darrelle Revis’ representatives at Roscoe’s Diner in New York on Friday night (where all major NFL business happens) and received a proposal. When discussing the Revis negotiations with the media today, owner Woody Johnson offered the sunny forecast that he didn’t think a new deal would be reached before the season starts and that his gut feeling is that Revis won’t play for the Jets in 2010.

So it could really come to this?

PhotobucketThe Jets have never had more hype surrounding their organization and haven’t been this widely recognized as a Super Bowl contender since 1999 and they can’t get their best overall player on the field. Their defense is built around sending as many people after the quarterback as possible and leaving their corners on an island with receivers and they are going to move ahead without the best corner in football. Mike Tannenbaum found a way to get Brett Favre on this team, trade up for Mark Sanchez, trade for Kris Jenkins, Antonio Cromartie, and Santonio Holmes but can’t work a deal out with Revis. Woody Johnson just paid for a new stadium but won’t pay for his best player to play in it.

Darrelle Revis is going to sit out an entire season just after arriving as an elite player in the NFL. He is going to wave good-bye to all those new advertisements and publicity that has been coming his way as the second coming of Deion Sanders. He is going to push his way out of New York, the city that renamed Manhattan “Revis Island” and the organization that traded up for him. He is going to pass up the chance to play on a legitimate Super Bowl contender. There may not even be football in 2011 and he is going to skip 2010.

I hope the Jets win a Super Bowl without Revis, trade him to Tampa Bay for a 1st round pick and he becomes irrelevant on a crappy team.

The Jets organization is moronic for not shelling out the money for Revis. After all the moves they made to position themselves for a Super Bowl, they won’t go the extra step here to insure they are putting the best team possible on the field.

It is hard not to feel the tug of both sides in this ongoing contract dispute. Both sides are in the wrong to a certain extent. Yet a Jets team without Revis, is bad for the organization, bad for Revis, bad for fans, and good for opposing receivers.

However, this season can’t just end if the team’s best player doesn’t report. There is too much talent spread across the roster. The offense can still run the football. Braylon Edwards, Jerricho Cotchery, Santonio Holmes, and Dustin Keller will all be catching passes. On defense, Kris Jenkins, David Harris, Bart Scott and company aren’t going to say “oh well, so much for repeating as the league’s top unit. We don’t have Revis.”

The Jets aren’t going to have an all-time great defense without Darrelle Revis. Yet, they still will have one of the league’s top units and could probably maintain their top overall spot if Antonio Cromartie finds his 2007 form and Kyle Wilson grows up quickly. Both of those are major ifs.

No team isn’t going to suffer at least a little bit from losing their best player. However, this team is too confident and well-rounded to fade off into irrelevancy because of one individual. Could we see a re-enactment of the Bill Simmons “Ewing Theory” that when a team loses their best player, they play better? Will the Jets defense rally around the loss and have other players step up to fill the void? Repeating as the NFL’s number one defense may be a little much to ask but remaining a legitimate Super Bowl contender is not.

Also, thanks again Al Davis.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Mr. Garbonzo

    As a long time Jet fan im truly upset with this situation, how ever i do believe mike and woody are doing all they can to get Revis in camp, but it seems playing for the $$ is more important than a chance to play for the ring.

    you said it best, i hope the Jets win the Super Bowl and send Revis with his bags packed without a ring

  • The Iron Marshal

    hey Joe, long time no post!

    ya hit da nail on da head… twice! excellent wrap on what’s going on, Ace…

    as time goes on, I find myself leaning more towards the POV that Darrelle is getting shitty advice. I mean, let’s look at some numbers here, and take some points as givens from which the negotiations proceed.

    1) Al Davis does NOT! (given his obvious insanity…) Dictate! what the free market is for salary. Period!

    1a) But if you really wanna go by Aso’s payrate, then hammer home the fact that one reason why his numbers are so damned good is because the rest of the secondary is so damned bad. In other words, Darrelle, you’re basing your claim to being the best by judging Aso and saying; “if he produces this much and gets paid X amount for it, then I should be getting THAT much more”. Newsflash, ‘Relle… nobody throws it over by Namdi’s side because he’s playing next to swiss cheese!

    2) Once point #1 is established, the rest is cakewalk. Look at the generally acknowledged “#2’s” in the league and what they’re earning. The Bailey’s, Samuels’ and Robinson’s of the league are in the 8-10 Mil range. Trick now is to establish a meaningful “bump” based on realistically established market value…

    3) … which sounds like 12 mil per, with some kind of guarantee around 24-30mil. But that would be for long term, locking him in until he’s 29, 30yo or so.

    I know, I know, Cap; it’s not Football Outsiders or NYJetsCap… but whaddayathink in either case?

    T I M

  • simplysimon2

    Mevis-Bevis is a training camp injury, he’s mental, and will be lost for the season just like Dumerville and other teams top players who don’t make it through a full season, like Kris & Leon. The real challenge is for Rex and his boys, coaches and players, to rally around the green & white laundry and pull off another miracle. To say, just pay the man, Joe, is not realistic. Contracts are part of the game and have their own rules and white lines. Al Davis, the rebel, crossed a line in the turf and that has injured both the Jets and Mevis-Bevis.

  • ShibaDog

    I commented on june 2nd that I wondered what a season without revis would be like. Damn it. Cursed with the Cassandra complex.

    I’m going to predict something now, because predictions are fun. I think Shonne greene is going to have durability issues and that LDT will have to step up. On the bright side LDT will regain some of his old pro-bowl form.

    Keep up the good work TOJ. This site is my wayne chrebet when I need a jets news fix.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Garbonzo – Let’s just hope this can end amicably in a few weeks and we can all get back to loving Revis.

    TIM – Good to hear from you again, long time no talk. Your idea makes plenty of sense but it sounds like Revis is dug in on getting 16 million a year and won’t budge until he is the highest paid CB in the NFL. It is shame he isn’t recognizing the anomaly of the Asomugha contract.

    Simplysimon – I hear your frustration, but I will hold off on the “Me-Evis” talk for a little while longer. Let’s see what happens as September gets closer.

    ShibaDog – The Jets need SG to stay healthy but I am equally concerned about his durability issues and I appreciate the Chrebet comparison..TOJ always loved #80

  • GatorJET

    There is still a lot of time left in training camp, everything could completely change. Do you think Revis being the player he is will really want to sit out an entire season? The Jets are really good this year and Revis knows with him on the team they have a chance at the superbowl, why would he give that up. If he sits out the season, his career is over. He will be traded to a shitty team like Tampa Bay and nobody will care how good he is on a 4-12 team.

  • michael mcclendon

    shibadog its funny u mentioned shonn greene having durability issues because he’s still complaing about his ribs on his facebook page.