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Follow Turn On The Jets On Facebook and Twitter (@TurnOnTheJets) A preview of Jets/Carolina coming tomorrow morning… Almost 150,000 views already? [youtube b5qzQ2HBh0s] Run With It, Antonio [youtube J_8C6uderLo] All of a sudden, a ton of pressure on the rookie [youtube 1TMCiFmr7E4] AFC Championship Game AKA The Massacre of Dwight Lowery [youtube -wg0oj7muno&feature=related] Why in …

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First a few updates: 1. Listen to Turn On The Jets live tonight at 8PM on Football Reporters Online Presents: Pro Football NYC at this link ( 2. Follow Turn On The Jets on Facebook and Twitter (@TurnOnTheJets). 3. The Jets have special teams practice at 4:15 today, an 8:20 AM practice tomorrow and then off …

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