Instant Reaction: Giants – 31 Jets – 16


Quick thoughts on tonight’s game…

Mark Sanchez played very, very well after his initial interception. He was accurate, in control of the offense, and did a great job of spreading the football around. Jerricho Cotchery, Braylon Edwards, and Dustin Keller all looked particularly sharp and in sync with Sanchez. LaDainian Tomlinson showed good burst on a key third down reception and a touchdown run that was called back. However, Shonn Greene showed why he is the Jets number one running back, by averaging over 5 yards per carry compared to Tomlinson’s 2 yards per carry. Joe McKnight looked very iffy. Kellen Clemens played well and more than I thought he would. Santonio Holmes ate up the Giants second team, which was expected. Smart decision to play it safe with Mangold.

On defense, the depth is a major area of concern. Dwight Lowery and Drew Coleman can’t be relied on. However, Antonio Cromartie looked sharp and nearly had two interceptions. Kyle Wilson had a quiet night, which can be a good thing for a corner. The Jets showed they still have their pass rush and overall looked very good against the Giants first offense. Calvin Pace completely steamrolled Eli Manning, in a hit that will be the primary highlight from this game. Vernon Gholston didn’t record a stat. Jason Taylor got a few pressures.

Larry Taylor looked good as a returner. Nick Folk…I’m not sold yet. He needs to hit a kick over 40 yards first. Eric Smith is a terrific special teams player, who had a great blocked punt tonight.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Joey C

    omg i cannot believe some Giants fans bro

    did they not watch this game?

    did they not see how horrible their offense was other than manning to bradshaw play that was all #44’s doing?

    how can morons like the running back formerly known as Brandon Jacobs & the Giants fans really sit there and say this is their house & they proved it?

    Eli was outperformed by Sanchez and the Jets first team defense was dominant as usual.

    And for those of you who kno anything about football….the Jets won this game 13-10.

    I will give the Ginas credit for a few things though because i am an honest guy:

    1. Im glad you guys were able to punch it in from the 1 yard line after 3 tries….way to average 0.3 yards a carry on that drive Jacobs.

    2. I think that hit by Pace may have finally brought Eli back to adult status & proved that he can take a hit without being seriously hurt.

    3. Last but certainly not least….congratulations to the Ginas 3rd & 4th stringers…you guys are officially better than the Jets backups

  • Albert Haynesworth

    So Jets and Jet fans are classless….did I not see some Giant’s fan try and tackle fireman Ed last night?

  • Its amazing that you would even write that much hate towards the giants and giants fans after the FIRST PRESEASON game of the season for both teams. What you saw last night was the most vanilla offense/defense that both teams had to offer. You cant possibly accurately asses how each team will be this year based on that game.
    The giants offense was terrible because it took them 3 times to score on the goal line? Last time i checked they still punched it in and thats all that matters. They can do that all year as far as im concerned. And that was from an offense who was missing their best o-lineman Chris Snee and another big help on the line/goal line situations, TE Kevin Boss. Oh and also another starting linemen Rich Seubert. And do i even need to mention that they were missing Steve Smith… I think he made the probowl last year.
    As far as the defnese goes. The giants capatilized on mistakes and held the jets to field goals which will always keep teams in games. Add Kenny Philips, Corey Webster, and Keith Bulluck and its a whole dif defense. Why didnt they play? Cause it was the FIRST preaseason game which is just as meaningless as the 4th preseason game.
    Also, you can say the 3rd and 4th string players are better than yours but what about santonio holmes playing deep into the ball game? At one point, for 2 drives, you had braylon edwards and santonio holmes on the field opposite of CBs Courtney Brown and D.J Johnson. Both those drives should have been good for 2 TDs.
    What a real giants fan and jets fan can take from this game is that neither showed anything special. Both teams r clearly playoff teams and NY has a lot to be excited for. Stop being a bitter jets fan and be excited you will see great football all year from both teams.

  • Joe Caporoso

    True the Giants had injuries…Jets were also without Mangold and Revis (who I believe will be on their regular season roster). Only Holmes played in the second half, not Edwards and he did because he didn’t work with the first unit because of his suspension.

    Can’t take much out of a pre-season game. Jets offense did look good though, very encouraging night from Sanchez. Also, the Giants looked like the Bad News Bears on the play when Eli nearly got his skull ripped off. Brandon Jacobs is a joke…and I say that because he ran his mouth after the game, when he is in the process of losing his job to Bradshaw.

  • I def agree with you there. The Jets Defense looked very solid but they were also playing against a poor ofensive line due to inactives. As well as the fact that Ramses Barden was the number 2 receiver facing cromartie who looked very good. Jets Defense will easily be the best in the league. But like you said not much can be taken from the first preseason game. If that were the case wed be sending Vicky Cruz’s seamen to the hall of fame

  • Coach

    I just viewed the JETS schedule for the first time and I have to say it seems like they are the “new” darlings of the NFL! It reminded me of a NE schedule. All playoff teams from last year on this years schedule the JETS play at home. I am starting my conspiracy theory early. We all remember the fix of 1969. Home games out of conference (OOC) GB & MINN, in conference at home Ravens, Texans & Cinn (all playoff teams, well not the Texans but a pretty good team 8-8 only one win less than the….JETS) Road games, Detroit & Chi (OOC) Cleveland, PITT & Denver in conference. What a joke! NFL loves the “big market” in the Big Game! Only 2 cold games PITT and Chi, Miami in Dec, might be a little cold in NE that month but even Buff at home late! Joke, Joke, Joke! Make your SB plans now. Ed Hock%*@ will probably be the Ref in Denver. Enjoy Hard Knocks tonight, just put the kids to bed early we wouldn’t want to expose them to that sort of language in their early stage of development.