Ten 2010 New York Jets Plays To Be Excited About


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2. Two great pieces of Jets news today: Darrelle Revis was in attendance at OTAs and Mark Sanchez took part in 11 on 11 drills. Another good piece of news, The Sporting News picked the Jets over the Cowboys for this year’s Super Bowl match-up. When is the last time a major publication picked the New York Jets to be Super Bowl champions? Maybe after the 1998 season?

3. Jets next OTA practice is on Thursday, followed by open to the public minicamp practices next Monday and Wednesday.

Ten 2010 New York Jets Plays To Be Excited About

Why not? You already know why it is good news that Mark Sanchez took part in 11 on 11 drills and Darrelle Revis showed up today. So here you go in no particular order…

1. Antonio Cromartie’s first interception return – The guy is electric with the football in his hands and he will have plenty of opportunities to rack up the interceptions with Revis Island located opposite of him. This could be replaced with the first time the Jets throw Cromartie back for a kick return or a team attempts a long field field goal.

2. Kris Jenkins first sack – It will be great to see the big fella back in action, especially if he can flatten Joe Flacco right out of the gate in week 1.

3. Jason Taylor’s first sack – It will just be interesting to see every Jets fan’s body fighting against itself when it attempts to cheer for something Taylor does.

4. Santonio Holmes first big playThe stadium is already going to be electric in week five because it is Monday Night Football and because Favre will be in the building, but everybody is going to be hyped to finally see Holmes in a Jets uniform during a game that counts. I got a feeling Schottenheimer will be dialing up a deep one for him at some point in the first half.

5. Nick Folk first made field goal from 40+ yards – Everyone breathes a collective sigh of relief…until his next attempt.

6. Shonn Greene’s first long touchdown runWe can officially start missing Thomas Jones a little less when we see Greene pick up where he left off last season.

7. When Darrelle Revis makes Randy Moss quit  againThis should happen some time during the third series of their week two match-up.

8. Joe McKnight’s first big playWe can start missing Leon Washington a little less when we see McKnight rip off his first big play as a pro.

9. The first time Bart Scott looks at an opponent’s sideline and talks trashAlso known as the first play of the season for the Jets defense…the swag is back in 2010.

10. Kyle Wilson’s first big playWill it be a sack, interception, or long punt return for our first overall pick?

Author: Joe Caporoso

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