Looking Over The Jets Secondary


First a few updates:

1. Austin…great city, I am getting my rest in now before another night out…I am looking forward to a little dinner cheering on Seton Hall over Notre Dame.

2. Just as it was announced the Jets had interest in former Colts corner Marlin Jackson, the Eagles moved first and signed him.

3. It doesn’t look like Darren Sharper will be going back to New Orleans and he has expressed his interest in playing in the New York market. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Jets sign Sharper to a one or two year deal, and then draft a safety in the middle rounds and have him learn the ropes behind him.

4. Quick Thoughts on LOST Season 6 Episode 7 “Dr. Linus” – It is pretty clear season 6 is starting to pick up some momentum. I thought this was a great all around episode. The flash sideways had interesting parallels to the on the island story and Ben’s past. It was good to see the good guys pick up a few people and gather together on the beach, setting up the inevitable clash with Locke’s group. The scenes with Richard and Jack were particularly strong. It looks like Jack is finally embracing his importance to the island. Another great ending this week, with Widmore heading back to the island which should add an interesting dynamic to the conflict.

Looking Over The Jets Secondary

No position on the Jets roster will have more of an overhaul than their secondary,  Mike Tannenbaum has made it clear the Jets will add a few more players to their group which has already parted ways with Kerry Rhodes, Lito Sheppard, and Donald Strickland and only been supplemented by the addition of Antonio Cromartie. Let’s take a look at what the Jets currently have and where they make some additions, along with who the targets could be:


Darrelle Revis – The best player in the NFL at his position. Tannenbaum is currently working on a long-term deal for Revis, which if it doesn’t get done this off-season will likely be priority number one next year.

Antonio Cromartie – The Jets biggest off-season acquisition so far. If Cromartie can get near his 2007 level of play, the Jets will have the best cornerback duo in the NFL.

PhotobucketDwight Lowery – Everybody is way down on Lowery after the abuse he took in the AFC Championship game, yet to think of Lowery as a complete lost cause would be a mistake. Over his first two years in the NFL, Lowery has been a productive player for the Jets but it is clear he lacks the skill set to be a full time starter. He still has value as a #3 or #4 corner, spot starter, and special teams player.

Drew Coleman – A guy with good speed and value on special teams. However, I think the Jets are pushing it when they rely on him to be their nickel corner. I would rather see him as a #4 or #5 corner. He could have a difficult time making the roster this season.

Marquice Cole – He had a strong pre-season last year and was active in a few games. Rex Ryan seems to have taken a liking to him. I wouldn’t be shocked if he had a chance to gain an expanded role this season.


Jim Leonhard – A Rex Ryan guy, who makes the calls in the secondary and had a strong first season with the Jets. He is a blue-collar player, who isn’t afraid to step up in the box and be a physical player.

Eric Smith – Smith started the year off strong  as a role player on the defense and did a pretty good job when he was promoted over Kerry Rhodes. He is better served as a #3 safety/role player/special teams guy than a starter, regardless of what Mike Tannenbaum says.

James Ihedigbo – A very good special teams player and a guy who became more involved on the defense as a blitzer on third down late in the year, which is the perfect role for him regardless of what Mike Tannenbaum says.

I would expect the Jets to add a corner who could compete with Lowery, Coleman, and Cole for the nickel role. At this point, I am not sure who they would target outside of Corey Ivy in the free agent market. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they spent a late round pick on a corner to add depth to the position. Regardless of what Tannenbaum says, the Jets are going to add another safety whether it is Brodney Pool, Darren Sharper, or a high draft pick.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • the iron marshal

    Hey Joe, I like the Sharper and a S in round 4-5 to learn the ropes from him.

    Still in favor of a 3-4 passrushing DE or edge rushing OLB in round 1, though. Would give Jenx & Ellis some breathers, thus making them more effective during crunch time in Dec & Jan.

    In Rex we Trust… and have a great time down in Texas…

    T I M

  • CMP

    Wow. That slave auction comment is way over the line, has no place here, and should be deleted.

  • Heinz

    Joe- nice post. I would love to see the Jets sign Sharper for 1-2 years as well, take a DL at #29 then possibly trade up to take Mays in the 2nd, if avail. I know this compromises drafting for depth, but if he goes early, then we pick up OL/RB depth in the middle rounds. If not, we look for UDFA magic… or hope the line stays healthy.

  • Angel


    Nice analysis. I think the Jets should play Gholston at DE and draft:

    Round 1 – DE [HUGE need because of Ellis’ age and no depth. Gholston and draft pick along with Devito and Douglas will make this a SOLID position]

    Round 2 – WR [need because of injuries to Cotchery every year and ‘stone hands’ Edwards. I’d take a shifty/speedy guy with great hands regardless of size – like Chansi Stuckey]

    Round 3 – LB [depth needed to ‘push’ starters and slackers like Thomas]

    Round 4 – S [Leonard is good but small and overachieving. They should bring in a FA too]

    Round 5 – OT [injuries coming… mark my words. Woody is old and will start to decline big time. We need a ground and pound run blocker here. I would also look to sign a young FA for depth]

    Round 6 – DT [depth needed to give injury riddled Jenkins a break. Need a young nasty guy with a high motor to wear out the O-Line for Jenkins to come in and demolish]

    Round 7 – OG [injuries coming… Faneca is old and slowly declining]

  • Joe Caporoso

    CPM…it was out of line and I got it down now.

    TIM/Heinz – I guess Sharper is off the table, with Pool now signed but I could still see the Jets drafting a safety in the middle rounds, although Mike T sounds like he is high on Pool’s potential.

    Angel – I agree with DE and LB in the earlier rounds, especially if we don’t sign A. Thomas…Another receiver would be nice but I wouldn’t mind waiting until round 4/5 unless someone jumps off the board in round 2…also agree that we need a few young o-lineman to develop