Recapping Jets GM Press Conference & Other Updates


First a few updates:

1. Chad Johnson still refuses to give Darrelle Revis credit as you can read here (, this guy is crazier than I already thought.

2. Another reminder to follow Turn On The Jets on facebook. I have a page up there that includes extra commentary and links to all the Jets coverage from other sources that you should be reading on a daily basis. We are at 171 fans right now, and I want that number doubled by the time the 2010 season starts.

3. Isn’t it great that Mark Sanchez already has more playoff wins than Tony Romo in his career? I am just saying since nobody likes those Maganelli Cowboys fans that are here in the area.

4. One of the main things I will be working on in the off-season is putting together a TOJ Podcast for the 2010 season, more details to follow.

5. Next week, I will be doing our usual updates and stuff if anything Jets related occurs. However, I will be focusing on the 2009 Season 1st Annual Turn On The Jets Awards. The best players, best moments, best games, best coaches and of course the worst players, worst moments, worst games, and wort coaches will all be recognized…so let’s hand out some hardware.

Recapping Jets GM Press Conference & Other Updates

Mike Tannenbaum (who we are a big fan of here at TOJ) took the podium today to discuss the Jets off-season, here are some highlights and analysis:

Mark Sanchez – Sanchez saw Dr. James Andrew yesterday to have his knee checked out. It sounds like he is going to have minor surgery to clean it up. The Jets haven’t made a final decision yet but Tannenbaum basically said he wanted to see Sanchez take part in some rehab and strengthen the knee, and that he would be back well before training camp if they decide to have him get surgery. Hopefully, he won’t have to miss any OTAs or mini-camp.

– Kellen Clemens  – Tannenbaum said the Jets are going to tender Kellen Clemens as a restricted free agent. I don’t know at what level he will be tendered but I would imagine it would be a very low pick (6 or 7) at the highest or maybe even without a pick. He also said just because they are going to tender him, doesn’t mean the Jets won’t look at a veteran quarterback.

Erik Ainge/Kevin O’ConnellTannenbaum said he likes both of them moving forward but the Jets would be crazy to proceed with them as the top two backups.

Thomas Jones – It certainly sounded like TJ will be back next year. The Jets are going to pay him his bonus and I am sure Jones will recognize he isn’t going to get big money anywhere else. Tannenbaum continually emphasized the importance of depth, especially at the running back position.

Leon Washington – The Jets are going to tender Leon as a restricted free agent. I would guess with a mid-round pick (2 or 3). It is hard to see any team making a big money offer to him for the Jets to match since he is coming off major knee surgery.

Braylon Edwards – Edwards will be back next year with a likely 1st and 3rd round pick tender. Tannenbaum pointed out how he was a big help in the Jets rushing game and has been a good fit in the locker room.

Kerry Rhodes – Many people have been speculating that the ongoing difference between Rhodes and the Jets is that they want him to take a pay cut. However, Tannenbaum made it clear there are no contractual issues between the two and that the key is they want Rhodes to commit to the Jets off-season program. It sounds like the organization wants more of Rhodes in the team facility and less of Rhodes posing for magazines and acting.

Vernon Gholston – Gholston is going to be back in 2010, although Tannenbaum is obviously not happy with his lack of production, they are going to give him another off-season to improve.

Secondary – Secondary was mentioned more than a few times as a key focus for the Jets off-season. Tannenbaum made it clear that Ryan loves defensive backs and he wants to give him as much depth as possible at the position. He didn’t say anything about Lito Sheppard and Donald Strickland, although I’d be shocked to see either back next season.

– Thank you to reader Ret2ski, who pointed out the Jets do in fact have a 5th round pick. So to my knowledge they have a 1,2,5,6,7. Another thing about the Jets this off-season, if a player is cut by a team before his contract expires the Jets are free to sign him without restriction. Overall, I would still guess the Jets will be relatively quiet in free agency, focus on acquiring more draft picks and actively work on adding depth to the defense, especially at the defensive back position.

Nice Highlight Tape Of TJ and Shonn Greene

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • jetbo

    you know you are a football junkie when you check the kickoff time of the pro bowl

  • SBS0311

    Your tender suggestions on Clemens and Washington aren’t permitted under the CBA. There’s five distinctions:

    No compensation

    Draft Round compensation (ex. Clemens 2nd, Leon 4th).

    2nd Round Compensation

    1st Round

    1st and Third

    It would actually cost the Jets the same exact money to tender Clemens at a 2nd round level as it would to tender him at no compensation.

    With Leon, the Jets will have to tender him at $1.545 M for 2nd round and then at increasing salaries for the 1st and then the 1st and 3rd.

  • DEK

    You are completely wrong on your assumptions of tenders. There are only 5 Options for Tenders.

    Right of Refusal
    Right of Refusal + Round Drafted Comp
    Right of Refusal + 2nd Round Comp
    Right of Refusal + 1st Round Comp
    Right of Refusal + 1st & 3rd Round Comp

    You can’t put a “6th or 7th” round tender on a player drafted in the 2nd Round. You can only have that player sign their tender offer and then trade them for a lesser pick afterward.

  • JC,
    Can i call you that because i know we dont know each other? Couple of questions

    Eric Mangini…when he was with the Jets went 10-6 in his first season as a coach-playoff birth and had comeback player of the year.

    Rex Ryan…went 9-7 this year and it just so happened he made it to the AFC Championship.

    What makes you think this isn’t another Jets Head coach bust? Peyton Manning figured that “mighty” defense out in about a quarter.

    Ok ok ok…so say he remains a good coach. Competition will go up next year. The patriots next year will not be the patriots of this previous year…and i think everyone knows that. And i hate the patriots cause i live in New England.

    Your thoughts please?


  • bixby313

    They should have Gholston put on 20lbs and move him to end

  • bruceharper

    Mania-We replaced the defensive specialist (Mangini) with a defensive specialist (Ryan) and our defense went to number 1 in the NFL after being number 16 the year before. Our defense gave up 8 passing touchdowns during the regular season, despite playing Brady twice, Manning once, and Brees once. Also about ten other guys. We did very well despite losing 2 of our best 5 players early in the season. Our running offense was great, and Sanchez has a chance to be special. Losing to the Colts doesn’t look like the most shameful thing in the world, at this point.

    Also, you noticed the whole thing about competing in the AFC championship game, right?

  • Joe Caporoso

    My bad on the RFA mistakes…i punished myself by taking a 3 day hiatus from the web site but im back now.

    Mania, I couldn’t have said it any better than bruceharper

    Bixby…not a bad thought about gholston, def worth a shot at this point

  • hahaha is bruce harper really your name?

  • jk bruce…point very well taken