Grading Out The Jets Win Against The Cheap-Shot Chargers


First a few updates:

1. Why the cheap-shot Chargers? Look at dirtbag Antonio Cromartie throw an elbow into Shonn Greene’s back after he rips off his 53 yard touchdown run in the game highlights at the bottom of this article…unbelievble (by the way, I think they are still scraping Eric Weddle off the turf back in San Diego). Beyond that, Shaun Phillips head-butted D’Brickashaw Ferguson…thank you very much for the 15 yards, Kris Wilson was flagged for a 15 yard penalty after taking a cheap shot on Wallace Wright during a punt, and Vincent Jackson was flagged 15 yards for kicking the Jets challenge flag in the 4th quarter…real classy stuff, San Diego…enjoy the off-season because your 11 game winning streak didn’t mean crap when it mattered, so enjoy all those stats you piled up while you watch the AFC Championship game next week…in the end all I have to say the Chargers is this: (beware explicit language, young TOJ readers…and yes they exist because my little cousins read this site)

2. Shockingly enough, Mike Francesa gave the Jets absolutely no credit when analyzing the game last night. He spent 20 minutes coming up with a long list of excuses why the Jets were lucky and should be thanking the gods…give up it already big guy, Rex Ryan is the most popular fat man in this city now…Francesa just sounds like another bitter, whiny Giants fan who still call the Jets a fluke and lucky and then act like they didn’t win a super bowl because their 3rd string receiver caught a ball with his helmet, in the most lucky play in NFL history…give me a break, shut up and accept the fact that your team is irrelevant right now and is the third best team in their own division…and no hiring the interim coach from a 6-10 team to coach your defense isn’t going to change that.

3. I loved John Clayton’s article today previewing the AFC Championship Game, when discussing who is going to win “This one is pretty easy, although I thought the Chargers would beat the Jets. The Colts, after letting Sanchez and the Jets get into the playoffs, will go to the Super Bowl.” Yes, it is clearly easy John…just like it was easy for you to pick the Bengals to beat the Jets wild-card weekend.

4. If you can’t tell I am somewhat agitated about the lack of respect the Jets are still getting (which I will further detail in my article later in the day)…regardless, I looooove how it is becoming clear already that nobody thinks the Jets have a chance this week.

5. Stats and Game highlights have been updated.

6. New TOJ TV is coming this week and Corbett just sent me a text that he has big plans…get ready.

7. AFC Championship = 2 article minimum per day from this site…i can taste a Super Bowl at this point, which means other things like attending class, doing homework, going to my job all take a back seat this week to the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets. By the way, if the Jets win the Super Bowl I can promise you now I will be writing a book on this season and it will be better than anything of the beat writers come up with.

8. You know what I noticed yesterday? The Chargers over celebrating every tackle they made on defense  like they won the Super Bowl, clearly they were shocked when they actually stopped somebody. Also, the Vikings acting like have never won a playoff game before…did you see the way they were celebrating? Calm down man, you still have to beat the Saints…I know this, the Jets weren’t acting like the 9-7 team on Sunday, that would be the Chargers who were clearly rattled and are also clearly both choke and cheap shot artists.


Grading Out The Jets Win Against The Cheap-Shot Chargers

Quarterbacks (C) The numbers (12/23, 100 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT) bear out an ugly game for Mark Sanchez but the reality is that he did his job well enough for the Jets to win and beyond that made a huge play in a big moment. Third and goal from the two yard line…the Jets go play action…the Chargers do a great job of covering everything, Sanchez buys time, stays patient and fires a rocket into Dustin Keller…boom, 10-7 Jets, that was a big-time play in a playoff game. The interception was a bad decision but Sanchez also made a few other nice throws down the field to Braylon Edwards and converted some big third downs to Jerricho Cotchery.

Running Backs (A) Shonn Greene is a beast, period. You can’t give Mike Tannenbaum enough credit for trading up for this guy and grabbing him in the third round. The best part about Greene is that he is fresh, because he barely played the first 6 games of the season. Thomas Jones is handling losing carries to Greene with class and still came up with a few nice runs, none more important than the game-sealing 2 yard gain on fourth and 1. Tony Richardson deserves to be mentioned for having another great year at fullback and actually catching a couple of passes yesterday.

Wide Receivers (B) They weren’t asked to do all that much but they stepped up when necessary. Braylon Edwards had two big catches down the field on third downs and Jerricho  converted two big third downs as well. Unfortunately for Brad Smith it appears the tiger formation is dead.

Tight Ends (B) Good blocking all day by Keller and Hartsock. Obviously, Keller also came up huge by freeing himself in the end-zone and making a difficult catch for the go-ahead touchdown.

Offensive Line (A) Best in the NFL, week in and week out.

Defensive Line (A) Sione Pouha and Mike DeVito deserve some serious recognition for playing the game of their lives yesterday. Pouha had 5 tackles and blew up numerous run plays. He seemed two steps quicker off the ball than usual. DeVito had three tackles, 1 sack, and 1 tackle for a loss in extended reps for an injured Shaun Ellis.

Linebackers (A) Were there two players wearing #52 on the field yesterday? David Harris was everywhere, coming up with 10 tackles, one for a loss, and a pass defensed. Bryan Thomas played another really strong game and Bart Scott chipped in with 4 tackles. Somehow, Calvin Pace didn’t register a single stat.

Secondary (A) Peter King tracked Darrelle Revis all game and wrote in his Monday Morning Quarterback article that Revis was thrown at 4 times, with the following results: 1 interception, 1 tackle for a 4 yard loss, 2 incompletions (1 knocked away by him)…well then, who was the Defensive Player of the Year again? It was also a great job by Rex Ryan to move Revis all over the field and have him take turns guarding Tomlinson, Gates, Floyd, and even Naanee on one play and not just leaving him on Vincent Jackson all day, who Ryan said after the game wasn’t worthy of that type of attention…owch. Kerry Rhodes aka “Mr. Redemption” played a terrific game (8 tackles, 1 sack, and 1 huge onsides kick recovery). He has won me back over and effectively shut up all his critics and how about Jimmy Leonhard? How can you not love the 5’8 guy taking out Malcom Floyd (and getting screwed out of a forced fumble), coming up with a monster interception, and adding 6 tackles? Awesome stuff. Donald Strickland had a big third down pass break-up.


Special Teams (A) I am glad our kicker is Jay Feely and not Nate Kaeding. Brad Smith had a nice kick return to start the second half and Cotchery broke a nice punt return in the fourth quarter. The Jets coverage units were excellent, led by James Ihedigbo.

Coaching (A) Rex Ryan dialed up all the right calls and had his team properly motivated. He doesn’t look so stupid now for saying he thinks the Jets should be Super Bowl favorites, does he? Brian Schottenheimer did a great job sticking with the run, but needs to ditch the reverses and tiger formation.

Jets – 17 Cheap-Shot Chargers – 14

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Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • AC Green

    Jets aren’t going anywhere. They didn’t even have a first down until the middle of the second quarter yesterday. Norv Turner killed his team with conservative play-calling.

    90 times out of 100, the Bolts win that game because NFL kickers simply hit 40-yarders.

    It took a lot of unforced errors on SD’s part for the Jets to win that one (on one hand this blogger whines about cheap shots, but then acknowledges just how important those were for the Jets to squeak by with a W).

    Colts will stomp the Jets and I’m glad because of gloating Jerseyites like this jerk.

  • S Dot Gato

    Joe i hate to rain on your parade, I really want to give you your moment to shine and gloat about the jets all you want but some of these statements i cannot just let go unoticed.

    Lets start with the “cheap-shot chargers”, i mean really joe?? really?? first of all cromartie just ran into the back of greene and nudged him with his shoulder, no elbow was extended at all. i mean u played the game, i hope you really dont think that was a cheap shot cuz your gonna see much worse in the acfl this spring, i wish i had the video of gratt lightin up the qb on the sideline for no reason in touch football cuz that was a cheap shot. vincent jackson kickin a flag isnt a cheapshot either just so you know its just really stupid and immature, kind of sounds like something else i could see gratt doin hahaha, and phillips headbuttin brickshaw is just as stupid, i mean brickshaw was lookin right at him, it wasnt that cheap, just real stupid and i didnt see the play on wallace wright so no comment there.

    also you talk about all the vikings celebrating after their win even though a large amount of people were pickin against them in their own builduing this weekend and go out and dominate but its ok for you to not only celebrate the jets but also talk about the giants the whole time. i mean that just seems hypocritical like there werent jets players tauntin the chargers sideline after pickin up that fourth down to ice the game cuz there were so check the video.

    lastly the jets deserve a ton of credit. i think the chargers choked big time but regardless the jets have won 2 road games and have alot of confidence goin to indy. it would be ironic for the jets to beat both teams that laid down and let them into the playoffs but they still got a long way to go.

    also jim leonhard is awesome and if i was still into wearing jerseys all the time i would consider getting his hahahaha

  • Perry

    yo i agree with everything you said. i thought i was the only one who noticed that cheap shot on Greene so i posted it on the jets board, it was a dirty play. Let me tell you the San Diego fans are classless and arrogant just like their team. You see the chargers post game interviews no credit to us they kept saying they were making “uncharacteristic” penalties and they didn’t play their best game. Classless they are like the patriots only difference is the patriots have 3 rings (as much as i hate them) and Sd won nothing. i cant stand Rivers too we can beat a team 38-0 and they will still make excuses. anyway great stuff keep it coming. We are only one game away JETSSSSS lets do it.

  • Perry

    and to the 1st 2 losers stop complaining this is a jets blog site hence the name turn on the jets i cant stand people

  • Jimbo

    One guy giving the Jets a lot of credit? Don Banks from He wrote a good article about how good they have been looking.

    And sorry AC Green…lets stop looking at the first 6 drives ending in punts, and start looking at the defense who only let up 7 points to a team that went 3 and out the first 4 times, giving the chargers good field position. Maybe it should have been 10 points, but Great Nate has a history of missing field goals in the playoffs and Im sure that was on his mind as he set up.

    Also I dont know if Phil Simms was being a homer but one thing he said that made sense to me is that even though the Chargers dropped some balls, you gotta think that the idea of a hard hitting Jet ready to light them up was in the back of their mind had them taking their eyes off the ball (i.e. Antonio Gates big drop when he said it). So lets stop giving the Chargers credit for losing the game and start giving the Jets credit for WINNING the game…JETS BABY!

    PS Mike Francessa is, was, and always will be the biggest HOMER DOUCHEBAG in all of sports reporting.

  • nick

    Not all Giant fans are whiny. Im a Jint fan and I want the Jets to kick the snot out of the chargers because:

    I hate rivers. Whiny. I don’t care how many td’s he throws…the NY media would have him a crying wuss in no time.

    I hate francesa. He isn’t dissing the Jets because hes a Giant fan (he really isn’t a fan), he disses EVERY team in NY BECAUSE thats what MADDOG USED TO DO….he wanted to break up the Yanks this year (and denies it) he just is s beg ex picked on fat guy.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Jimbo, I couldn’t have said it any better.

    S Gato…you made some fair points, get ready for the podcast later in the week

  • Joe Caporoso

    Nick, you make a good point about francesa, who badly needs somebody else on air with him

    Perry..I didn’t notice that cheap shot until I read it on the Jets message board, so credit to you for pointing that out

  • AC Green

    I’ve never seen this much whining after a victory. Chargers cheap shot, Francessca is unfair, their fans are classless, waaa, waaa, waaa. Apparently Jets fans are so used to losing that they can squeak out a win and still react like they lost on a tuck rule.

    The reason the Jets are not receiving the level of respect that you would like is simple: The Jets are nowhere near as good as many of you are making them out to be. Replay Sunday’s game and the Chargers (who played their worst in months) win it nine out of 10 times.

    The Jets have a good defense and have the talent level of a solid wildcard team. Then you got lucky. Anyone who says differently is just blowing it out of proportion like Big Mouth Rex Ryan.

  • DOC

    AC Green–What do you mean the Chargers would beat the Jets 9 times out of 10? Do you have anything to back that up??? And it seems to me that we beat the wonderful Chargers three or four years ago in the playoffs. What say you to that?

  • Joe Caporoso

    AC Green…too bad for you they don’t play 10 times, they played once with their season on the line and both in 2004 and 2010, the Jets went into San Diego and won.

    Good job giving Norv an extension, we look forward to beating you in the playoffs for years to come….if you guys even make it next year

  • AC Green

    If the Chargers make it next year? What about the Jets? Their trip this year was gift-wrapped courtesy of the Colts.

    Anyway, now you actually have something to whine about. The better team just won the AFC Championship.

  • Whiny Jet Fan

    Looks like you made a little but too much out of that fluke game against Bolts, doesn’t it.

    Now sit back down and suck like you’re supposed to. Just keep quiet while you’re doing it. Jets fans are known t run their mouths like crazy (see above).