Final TOJ NFL Rankings & Other Thoughts on Regular Season/Jets vs. Bengals


First a few updates:

Note: This terrific picture above was created by JetsFan_MD and posted on Considering my two favorite things in the world are the Jets and the TV show LOST…this is about as good as it gets for me.

1. Rex Ryan didn’t sound too confident about David Harris practicing this week with his sprained ankle. He may end up being a game time decision. Ryan Fowler would step in, although he had a head injury apparently so he could be replaced by Kenwin Cummings…ut-oh.

2. Ryan didn’t say anything else too notable in his press conference. He was pretty low key and respectful of the Bengals, which is the right approach to take. However, he did affirm that the Jets goal is to make the Super Bowl and that they aren’t just happy to be in the playoffs.

3. Not too much love from Mike Francesa on WFAN today, who didn’t give the Jets much credit for last night. He did say he thought they had a decent shot to win on Saturday but he seemed more anxious to talk about Jason Bay or John Mara…you have to love how salty Giants fans are today.

4. Yes, of course there will be a playoff edition of TOJ TV coming this week. I am also trying to set up a question exchange with the Bengals FanBall blogger.

5. In case you are curious, I have insane amounts of free time on my hands this week since I am on winter break and all my friends work full time (you know because they enjoy having money, unlike me who would rather accumulate student loan debt), so yes this web-site and the facebook page will be updated so much that you will be fully convinced I have no life…oh well.

Final TOJ NFL Rankings & Other Thoughts on Regular Season/Wild-Card Weekend

Long title, right? Now, I am not one to pat myself on the back but check out (

  • I picked 5 out of 6 AFC playoff teams right, my only miss was on the Bengals winning the North (I picked Pittsburgh). My wild-card picks? Jets and Ravens.
  • I picked the Dolphins (7-9), Titans (8-8), Browns (5-11), and Jacksonville (7-9) record correctly and missed by one game on Denver, Buffalo, Chiefs, and Chargers.
  • I picked 4 out of 6 NFC playoff teams right, my only misses were on the Saints (yikes) and Cowboys. I had the G-Men (ha) and Falcons in the playoffs.
  • I picked the Cardinals (10-6) record correctly and missed by one game on the Eagles, Packers, Bears, and Lions.
  • Just for reference I picked a San Diego/Philly Super Bowl.

Just call me young Nostradamus. Better pay attention to my playoff picks.

And then check out ( and see how many Jets specific things I missed including gems on Mark Sanchez’s stats, Lito Sheppard’s INT total, Vernon Gholston’s sack total, and plenty more.


Final TOJ NFL Rankings

  1. Indianapolis Peyton Mannings (14-2) Going into the playoffs on a 2 game losing streak (by their backups).
  2. San Diego Chargers (13-3) Going into the playoffs on a 11 game winning streak…watch out.
  3. New Orleans Saints (13-3) Going into playoffs on a 3 game losing streak…ut oh.
  4. Minnesota Vikings (12-4) You can bet I will be rooting against them.
  5. Dallas Cowboys (11-5) Need a playoff win in the worst way.
  6. Green Bay Packers (11-5) Very dangerous team.
  7. Philadelphia Eagles (11-5) They are better than they showed last week.
  8. Arizona Cardinals (10-6) Risky to sleep on them after last year.
  9. New England Patriots (10-6) Too bad about Wes Welker’s injury (and I am being serious, no matter how much I hate him and New England you never want to see anyone get hurt, especially somebody as good as him).
  10. Cincinnati Bengals (10-6) Well at least they are going in with some momentum, right?
  11. Baltimore Ravens (9-7) They can run and play defense, which  means they are dangerous.
  12. New York Jets (9-7) They can run and play defense better than anybody in the NFL, which means they are dangerous.
  13. Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7) Too little, too late for the defending champs.
  14. Houston Texans (9-7) They can thank Kris Brown for missing the playoffs.
  15. Tennessee Titans (8-8) 8-2 over their last 10 games.
  16. Atlanta Falcons (9-7) Two straight winning seasons for the dirty birds.
  17. Miami Dolphins (7-9) Have fun sitting at home.
  18. Jacksonville Jaguars (7-9) Not a bad year for a young team.
  19. Denver Broncos (8-8) They should be embarrassed.
  20. Carolina Panthers (8-8) Strong finish with Matt Moore at QB.
  21. New York Giants (8-8) Embarrassed themselves the past two weeks and final 11 games for that matter.
  22. San Francisco 49ers (8-8) Only .500 because they get to play the Seahawks or Rams 4 games a year.
  23. Chicago Bears (7-9) They felt worse than 7-9. Jay Cutler stunk the joint up.
  24. Cleveland Browns (5-11) Finished the season on a 4 game winning streak…go Mangini.
  25. Oakland Raiders (5-11) All they do is beat playoff teams…and lose to everyone else.
  26. Buffalo Bills (6-10) Consistently mediocre.
  27. Washington Redskins (4-12) And so ends the Jim Zorn era.
  28. Kansas City Chiefs (4-12) I guess Matt Cassell isn’t a franchise quarterback.
  29. Seattle Seahawks (5-11) The most irrelevant team in the NFL this year.
  30. Tampa Bay Bucs (3-13) Showed some fight occasionally.
  31. Detroit Lions (2-14) A two game improvement from last year.
  32. St. Louis Rams (1-15) Well then…

Some final Regular Season Observations

PhotobucketDo you think Jim Zorn just had Bruce Springsteen playing into his headset during the second half of the season?…I know the Giants fired their defensive coordinator today but when you allowed 40+ points every week, the problem goes beyond the coaching…Denver was 8-4 the past two years and both times lost out to miss the playoffs, cough cough…At least Jason Taylor can now get an early jump on next season of Dancing With the Stars…The 49ers are Texans are between 7-9 and 9-7 every year and then picked to make the jump by all the experts for the following season, only they just go 8-8 again and miss the playoffs, I look forward to this repeating again next year…My favorite non-Jets regular season games – Steelers vs. Titans opening night, Colts vs. Patriots on Sunday night, Saints vs. Patriots on Monday night, Dallas vs. Giants on Sunday night in week two, Saints vs. Redskins, Denver vs. Patriots, Ravens vs. Chargers, Titans vs. Texans on Monday night, Titans vs. Cardinals.

Bye Bye Miami

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • S Dot Gato

    Joe, before I begin to rip you, the Jets, Jet fans, and even take a few shots at Darrelle Revis I want you to know I love you and respect your football and NFL knowledge thus explaining our endless and hour long phone calls daily as we talk to eachother way more than we talk to either of our girlfriends. Also Im really lookin foward to us gettin a podcast for next season as this post im about to type should give everyone an insight of how entertaining that will be.

    First the Jets are not a dangerous team coming playoff time and I think deep down you know that as you have them ranked 12th in your power rankings and only 12 teams make the playoffs. However I do believe they will keep the game close this weekend with the Bengals who I think should be ranked 11th behind the Ravens just because of playoff experience or lack there of. But for all you Jets fans including you Joe who think that game Sunday night which I was at (I am not a Jets fan I had free tickets) could be used as a predictor come this Saturday is fooling themselves. The Bengals had absolutely nothing to play for in that game and it showed as they had no emotion. Yes they should be concerned because they got dominated but I am confident the homefield advantage and 80,000 waivin orange towels will help that defense stop the run and offense run the ball much more effectively. Also there is not one Jet fan being honest who has faith in Sanchez on the road in his first playoff start from not turning the ball over. Bengals 20 – Jets 13.

    Next you are not nostradamus at all. Pickin the Eagles and Chargers to go to the superbowl is such a safe pick and not outside the ordinary at all, infact Chris Berman had the same preseason picks as did Michael Wilbon and Im sure many others. Preseason favorites for anyone would have been in the NFC, Eagles, Cowboys, Vikings and Ill throw in the Cardinals and in the AFC, Colts, Chargers, Steelers, Patriots and we all know that.

    Continuing why you takin shots at my 49ers sayin they get 4 wins against the Rams and Seahawks when they were also 2-0 against the Cardinals and finished 5-1 in the division. In the preseason I did say the 49ers would have more wins than the Jets this year and was just off as we all know the Colts and Bengals gave them 2 wins.

    Now to what your really gonna love.
    Why Charles Woodson deserves NFL Defensive MVP over Darrelle Revis

    The numbers are simple.
    Charles Woodson = 74 tackles, 66 solo, 2 sacks, 4 forced fumbles, 9 interceptions, 179 yards off interceptions, 18 passes defended and 3 TDs all with the Packers losing their other starting cornerback Al Harris midway through the season and with teams having the option to throw less at Woodson.
    Darrelle Revis = 54 tackles, 47 solo, NO sacks or forced fumbles, 6 interceptions, 121 yards off interceptions, 31 passes defended and 1 TD

    Now don’t get me wrong Darrelle Revis is a great player and becoming a real star in the NFL but there is no argument with those numbers, Woodson had the better year and deserves it.

    And Finally I am sick of this Revis Island nonsense and no Im not taking shots at Darrelle Revis cuz he tried to get my g/f number cuz yes she is good looking as am I but more cuz I have the numbers to prove it. He shut down TO with me playing QB and Steve Smith with Delhomme throwing interceptions on air in practice. In all honesty though I looked at all the games cuz I have alot of time myself and the teams number 1 recievers and yes Revis did lock them all down except for 2. Yes thats right Jet fans believe it and now I will explain.

    First how bout Mike Sims-Walker of the Jacksonville Jaguars an up and coming reciever in the NFL. He had 3 catches for 49 yards and a TD, not extravegant numbers by any means but throughout the year Sims-Walker averaged 3.9 catches, 54.3 yards and .43 TDs per game. So he had an average day for himself against your man lockdown Revis with a TD and most importantly in a Jacksonville victory over the Jets. Now the first thing you and all the Jets fans are gonna say is that their in the playoffs and the Jags are at home and yes this is true but im just pointing out the numbers against Revis. Now the other reciever not on Revis Island would be Reggie Wayne. Wayne had 3 catches for 33 yards in the first half only. Also lets not forget that Peyton was a little off that day as he missed Wayne down the sideline for which could have been anywhere from a 20 – 30 yard gain as Wayne beat Revis and then missed Wayne again on a TD. Peyton also missed Clark during that first half as again I will mention he was a little off from what we come to expect from Peyton Manning. So Wayne’s numbers easily could have been 5 for 65 and a TD all in the first half so yea lets get him and Sims-Walker off Revis Island.

    Alright thats all I got and Im looking foward to Wild Card Weekend.

  • dmd13

    It’s strange I don’t see a picture of Teddy Ginn on Revis Island.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Sean Sean Sean…sadly you let me down on your fist comment and argument on TOJ. I will keep this quick for you:

    1. Your Revis argument is so flawed it is disgusting…do your research. Mike Sims-Walker caught a 26 yard touchdown pass that game on Lito Sheppard, not Darrelle Revis go look at the highlights if you don’t believe me which means at best Sims-Walker had 2 catches for 23 yards on Revis and in reality both of those catches likely came with Sheppard on him not Revis.

    2. You can say all the hypotheticals you want about Reggie Wayne and near completions but the bottom line is he finished with 3 catches for 33 yards and he did play into the second half. You are going to do have to do better than assuming he would have had more yards.

    3. You can get caught up in Woodson’s stats all you want but the bottom line is that Revis hasn’t blitzed 1 time all season, not once so that is why he has zero sacks. He spends the whole game on the other team’s best WR. Woodson doesn’t do that. He plays a combo of safety and corner for the Packers and moves all over the field. Revis is the best player on the league’s #1 defense. Woodson is on a defense that just allowed 503 passing yards to the Steelers. Revis has played corner better than anyone has played any defensive position in the NFL this year. by the way, he has also nearly doubled Woodson’s passes defensed despite team’s rarely throwing at him.

    4. Don’t get caught up in my SB picks, the bottom line is I picked 9 of 12 playoff teams right something you said was impossible to do.

    5. The 49ers aren’t good. they haven’t made the playoffs since steve young played.

    6. Say whatever you want about the Jets but they are going to beat the Bengals this week and I can’t wait to see your face and hear excuses when they do.

    all that being said, i love you and i will call you later

  • Joe Caporoso

    Dan…you are at such a low point with your team quitting the final two weeks of the year despite having a shot at the playoffs that you spend your days pumping on Ted Ginn Jr, the 4th best WR on a 7-9 team…yes he beat Revis, but rhodes was slow over the top…and hey nobody is perfect.

  • S Dot Gato

    First Joe the 49ers made the playoffs and came back from down 24 to beat the Giants in 2003.

    Second picking 9 out of 12 is not an accomplishment at all nor is it hard to do. I said it is impossible to pick all 12 playoff teams at the beggining of the season. What I said was I would give you 8 guesses for the 6 playoff teams in each conference for a total of 16 guesses at 12 picks, leaving room for 4 extra guesses and you still would not get all 12 teams in the playoffs because the parody in the NFL is that good and hard to predict. Next year we will do this as proof because not even you with 8 guesses in the AFC would have picked the Bengals which proves me right nor would you prob have picked the saints or packers (I know you to well and know your 8 picks would have been Giants Eagles Cowboys Cardinals Vikings Falcons Panthers and then either the Saints or Packers leaving you one wrong in each conference). Thank you.

    Lastly, your admitting the Packers have Woodson do a little bit of everything for them on defense because hes that good and versatile while all Darrelle Revis can do is play lockdown corner except when ted ginn burns him for a 53 yard td.

    Woodson for defensive MVP

    hahahaha these arguments are getting ridiculous

  • Joe Cutri

    Woodson may do a little bit of everything for green bay but he doesnt do it consistently like revis

    revis is a physical, one-on-one, shut-down, cover corner that performs every week and he is also a solid tackler who helps out in stuffin the run game

    if u watch the infamous Ginn TD closely u can see that he was supposed to have safety help and thats why he bumped him and let him go…then as soon as he realized the help didnt come he broke too late to catch Ginn

    He faced Pro Bowl caliber receivers 10 times this year and neither of them had more than 35 receiving yards in a game AND he was the only corner in the league to allow less than 40% completion on balls thrown to his man.

    Im not sayin hes definitely defensive player of the year but id give it to him over Woodson & ive been a huge supporter of Charles since he was wearin #2 at michigan.

  • Coach

    S-Gato and Joe Cap…….Well what can I say???? I think I ‘m going to have to sleep down stairs Sat night, a little too much love talk, wow. I don’t want to see you guys taking a walk or something. Yikes! Great stuff.
    There is only one weekend better that Wild Card Weekend and that’s Divisional Weekend. I hope you are both there for both weekends.
    Can’t wait. Maybe Cap Sr. and Art M. can make a surprise visit. What do you think?

  • Joe Caporoso

    If Art M makes the trip, he be better be briging the bottle of patron again…and i dont think Cap Sr. wants to deal with the yelling and chaos although he may want to escape the yelling and chaos of mrs. cap so maybe he will show up after all.

    also joe cutri…glad to have you on the site fighting for revis…good point about the Ginn TD.

    S gato – Revis can do everything, he is just never asked to blitz in the jets scheme. I have seen every NFL snap he has played, he has blitzed once and a had a strip sack against buffalo last year.

    3/4 of the world is covered by water…and the rest of covered by darrelle revis

  • dmd13

    Not my fault Revis can’t cover the sluggo… He was goin to pass him off if he continued to run the slant but he instead he turned it up the field and “like that poof hes gone”.

    Hey were not all perfect even I once got burned in touch football… granted the referees fucked me over… coach s can vouch for that. But everyone needs to be held accountable.