Final Thoughts On Divisional Weekend


1. Shaun Ellis is going to play with a cast on his hand this weekend, that will hopefully allow him a little more grip with his fingers. Whether the Jets win or lose, he will get surgery after the AFC Championship game since the recovery time is only a week, he would have enough time to get ready for the Super Bowl. Beyond that, the Jets are 100 percent healthy heading into this week’s game. Rex Ryan didn’t say anything else too notable at his press conference today. He took a little extra time to single out praise for Jim Leonhard, who obviously came up huge yesterday.

2. Cowboys/Vikings – Big let down performance from Dallas. Was that really the best effort they could put forward? It was almost like the whole goal of their season was to get over their December woes and finally win one playoff game, then they forgot the season isn’t over when you finally accomplish those things. I also think Keith Brooking should get a tissue. It was a bush league move by the Vikings to throw for that last touchdown but you can’t show your emotion by running over and saying something to the sideline when your losing by 31 points. I really can’t stand Brett Favre but if the Jets win, I will be rooting like crazy for Minnesota because I want to take him down in the Super Bowl.

3. Cardinals/Saints – Big let down in this game and I am an idiot for picking Arizona. I forgot how good New Orleans could be, since I haven’t seen them win in a month. Yes, Reggie Bush also made me eat my words since he had a ridiculous touchdown run and a punt return for a touchdown to go with it. It is hard not to like the Saints this weekend, especially in that building, in front of those fans.

4. Ravens/Colts – A dull game that was over when Ed Reed’s two interceptions were negated, one by his own fumble and one by a penalty. Many people are pointing to this game saying the Colts will beat the Jets because they just beat a team who is just like them in Baltimore. However, I saw potential in this game. Indy only scored 20 points against a Ravens defense that isn’t as good as the Jets and is completely one dimensional on offense. Manning is Manning and their defense was impressive but the Jets have more weapons on offense than the Ravens and Sanchez has been better than the Flacco the past two weeks. The Colts are the best team in football, which is fine. You should have to beat the best team in football for a shot at the Super Bowl.

5. Norv Turner and Wade Phillips just got contract extensions today. Enjoy another few years without a Super Bowl, Dallas and San Diego.

6. It was nice to enjoy the Jets win yesterday and today but now it is time to shift the focus to Indy. Yesterday was a memorable win for the Jets franchise, since they haven’t won two playoff games in a season since 1982. However, I am not satisfied and I don’t believe this team or fanbase is either. I do believe this Jets team is good enough to win the Super Bowl .You don’t get a chance to play in the AFC Championship every year, so you have to take advantage when you are there. The Jets are the ugly stepchild of this Championship weekend. You have three teams with big name quarterbacks, big time passing games, and big time regular season records and then you have the Jets with their rookie quarterback, power rushing game, big time defense, and 9-7 regular season record. They have crashed the party and rightly believe they can keep shocking the world this Sunday.

They were joking around on the NFL Network today saying that the football Gods are smiling down on the Jets because they play the old-fashioned way. They win with defense and running and are the last link to old days of the NFL left in this 2009 season. With all those missed field goals and all the help they got in December, it does sort of seem like Lombardi, Halas, and company are looking down and smiling on the Green and White.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • Jon

    Hey! I’m a Bronco fan, but your site is pretty awesome I must admit. I have a Broncos blog “Broncos Zone” and we’ve named “our” best rookies of 2009, Shonn Greene is one of the 3! Check it out, and let me know what you think. Good luck in the playoffs.

  • Coach

    Joe, I have read the comments from the previous day and don’t feel the need to comment on them because I am not a fan of the Chargers, Rivers or Norv. So lets get started; First of all to say the Jets were very, very, very fortunate is a great understatement. Miss 3 field goals in any game and you are not going to win. Lombardi on NFL Network compares them to turnovers, so the Jets were plus 5 in that department. As you know I have NFL Network and last night they replayed the 1st game and you know what I saw? I saw the Colts, from the opening snap play without 7 starters. Yes, 3 on offense (all lineman) and 4 on defense (considering that Mathis and Feeney played 1/2 game each)and still the Colts only allowed the Jets one offensive TD. When they ran the 2nd half kickoff back to take the lead (because the second string kicker missed the extra point) the next possession the Colts went right down the field with relative ease, only now they had 4 starters out on offense, Joseph A. was out of the game at that point, and the Colts took the lead and the rest as they say is History! So lets take our first look at the future. The Jets are great! Yes I said it they are great and if they play against back-ups all the time as they did throughout the season (9 games against back-up QB’s) they could probably be undefeated but, as you said they lost some of those games, amazing! The fact is the Colts defense shut down the Ravens and Superman Ray Rice. He said it was the fastest D he ever played against. The Jets did not run the ball well against the Colts in that first game at any point, subs or starters! I am sure you have the stats 150 yds that is very good but the last drive of the game they ran the ball every play for about 80 of those yards. The stands were empty and nobody cared, especially the Colts. Sorry, I regressed. This week you will see a minimum of six, straight ahead run plays go for a loss or no gain because of the speed of the Colts front 7. Also, consider the wear and tear on the Jets OL after 2 physical games in which they had to run the ball. You know as a player, run blocking takes it’s toll, pass blocking is a little easier on the body. Yes, the Colt are rested and the Jets could use some rest after playing very hard for the past 4 weeks. Give them credit, they played very well against 2 teams that were unprepared and poorly coached (Lewis using both challenges in 1st quarter and Norv, well I don’t have to say anything there Norv is Norv). NO team in the league prepares like the Colts. I will not be brash and predict a “blowout” as some Jet fans are, unbelievably! But, I do feel confident that it will be the Colts defense that will make the difference and the offense will take care of business in a very business like fashion. Perhaps even “boring” as I have heard this week from some commentators. Jet fans should be very proud of their teams accomplishments. Did they get help? Absolutely! But they did show-up and play. I can’t say the same for Cinn and SD. The one thing I am sure of is that the Colts will show up and the Jets will have to earn this victory (this time). Sorry, a little dig there. As always I look forward to your post and comments. You do a great job with this. I will try to comment each day or as my schedule permits.

  • Joe Caporoso


    I know no matter what happens you won’t respect the Jets or what they have accomplished so far this season and I know you think the Colts have a better defense and running game then the Jets. We shall see what happens this weekend. I am confident we can take down the one man show in Indy, as my writing all week will indicate

  • Coach

    Now Joey, I feel I have given the Jets there do and my post was quite complimentary! They have played extremely well as of late but there are certain facts Jet fans would like to ignore. I won’t get into them today due to time constraints but please review my previous post with a more objectable eye.