Darrelle Revis: Your 2009 Defensive Player of the Year


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Darrelle Revis: Your 2009 Defensive Player of the Year

I don’t care what the AP voted this morning, Darrelle Revis was the 2009 Defensive Player of the Year. Any doubt in my mind was erased when I watched Reviscompletely shut down Chad Johnson last week for the second straight time and Larry Fitzgerald score two times on Woodson, as a part of the Cardinals offense that scored 51 points and threw 5 touchdowns on Woodson’s defense. Keep in mind that the Jets only allowed 8 passing touchdowns in 17 games, while the Packers and Woodson just allowed 5 in a single game. Also don’t forget a few weeks back when Woodson and the Packers allowed 501 passing yards to Pittsburgh. Rex Ryan’s reaction here is right on:


Also, look at Woodson dogging it the final ten yards as Fitzgerald scores a touchdown and look at Darrelle Revis making a ridiculous interception in these two clips.

Woodson Not Hustling at 2:33

Revis Doing What He Did All Year

Read this little excerpt from Tim Graham at ESPN (http://espn.go.com/blog/afceast/post/_/id/9112/did-revis-get-robbed-of-dpoy-honor), which emphasizes the burn percentage among corners and look where Revis ranks (#1) and where Woodson ranks (not even in the top 5). The bottom line is that 108 times, somebody has thrown on Darrelle Revis, 40 times the pass has been caught (37 percent), for 439 yards and 2 touchdowns…compared to Woodson who has 84 passes thrown at him, still allowed 40 receptions (47.6 percent), for 560 yards, and 6 touchdowns.

Here is what Darrelle Revis has done against top receivers in the league:


Let’s take a quick look at what top receivers did against Charles Woodson and that Packers secondary:

  • Chad Ochocinco: 4 receptions, 91 yards, 1 touchdown
  • Sidney Rice: 5 receptions, 70 yards, 1 touchdown (Bernard Berrian also had 6 for 75 yards and a touchdown and 3 receptions for 47 yards and a touchdown in the second match-up)
  • Michael Crabtree: 4 receptions, 77 yards, 1 touchdown
  • Hines Ward: 7 receptions, 126 yards, Santonio Holmes: 3 receptions, 77 yards
  • Johnny Knox: 5 receptions, 83 yards, 1 touchdown
  • Larry Fitzgerald: 6 receptions, 82 yards, 2 touchdowns

Let’s also not forget that Darrelle Revis was the best player on the best defense in football. The Jets allowed 50 less passing yards per game than the Packers and over 30 total yards less per game. They have also now went further in the playoffs than the Green Bay Packers. People love to get caught up in Woodson running back interceptions for touchdowns in garbage time against the Lions and Cardinals back-ups in week 17 but the bottom line is that Revis had a greater impact on a better defense. If you didn’t watch the Revis make great receivers, might as well be inactive week in and week out then you really couldn’t appreciate what he did. Out of the 108 passes thrown at him in the regular season, he intercepted 6 of them and knocked away 31 one of them, while only allowing 40 receptions…so one more time, when you threw at Revis in 2009

  • 108 Total Passes
  • 40 Receptions by receiver
  • 31 Knocked away by Revis
  • 6 intercepted by Revis
  • 31 incomplete

Revis also elevated his play wild-card weeekend, while Woodson didn’t play a good game outside of a forced fumble. Beyond all that, Woodson doesn’t have cool graphics like the one below circulating on the Internet:


Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • S Dot Gato

    Joe first you cant even put chad ocho cinco and larry fitzgerald in the same argument. chad ocho cinco isnt even a top 10 reciever anymore and fitzgerald is by far the best. also dont post about johny knox and michael crabtree as top recievers in the nfl. yes revis is a great cover corner but woodson is so versatile and does alot of great things for his team and deserved the award. your in the 2nd round of the playoffs so just be happy about that and focus on the chargers. also stop forgeting about my man mike sims walker and what he did against your boy revis ahahahahaha.

  • The Iron Marshal

    Joe, excellent comments, excellent analysis.

    Before continueing, please tell me… where can I get that “we are all witnesses” logo onto a shirt? I already use it as my desktop, and get chills along my arms and my blood rushes wanting to see Jets players kick ass whenever I light my PC up.

    Regarding this shameful turn of events, namely, that DPOY went to the wrong guy, we’ve heard all the arguments. The guys stressing CW’s “versatility” vs Darrelle’s undeniable accomplishments. I think it goes a bit further, Joe; there’s good evidence that a certain genius here is simply not being recognized or understood by the lesser minds who voted in this process.

    I’m talking about Ryan. Stay with me as I go through the logic. Rex Ryan is a defensive genius. This isn’t just hyperbole, not an example of a homer Jets Fan (well, I am, but that’s besides the point, as you’ll see…). Rex is a genius on the order of Don Coryell changing offenses forever genius. And the guys who voted for Woodson are not. Far from it, they actually look at the game and see checkers, whereas Rex is a Bobby Fischer playing chess out there.

    Points for: Think of recent year, dominating defenses not run by Rex. ’85 Bears had HOF’ers on the DL (two) and LB. Bucs of the late ’90’s/early 00’s had dominating DL, near dominating LB’s which allowed for a cover-2 using an above-averaged ranged S (Lynch). I could go on with similar examples, but the point I make here is that these defenses had far more dominating personnel at key positions than do the Jets this year. The Jets defense is number 1 DESPITE not having dominating LB’s (they’re very good, Harris in particular), DESPITE not having dominating DL – add to that LOSING Jenx, who is at the least one of the top three NT’s in the game.

    Revis is why.

    But wait, you can’t compare the Jets Defense to these all-forever teams. OK, then let’s compare them to teams that were similarly built. The Broncos defenses when Shanahan was still there, just after Champ Bailey joined them. That was a similarly built squad; good LB’s, good DL, good secondary with a shutdown corner (remember, Champ in his prime here…). Were those Bronco defenses number 1 in the league? No.

    Can’t use the Raiders because though Nmandi is very good, the rest of the squad isn’t. How about the Ravens when Chris McAllister had that monster season? That model is closer to the forever squads – Lewis in his prime, Scott allowing Lewis to range, and if memory serves correctly, the ageless Rod Woodson playing Safety for them.

    But you get my point; a similarly built squad with a shutdown corner was NOT the number one defense.

    Which comes back to asking why? In two words: the coaching.

    Rex has built dominating defenses. He did it consistently in Baltimore; now that he’s gone they’re merely very good. He’s building one here, and the beauty is he’s not done yet. He gets one dominating pass rushing DE on this squad, gets Jenx back, and we’re talkin’ comparisons to the ’85 Bears, the Bucs, the Steel Curtain. For the ages, Joe, for the Ages.

    My point in this; Rex is a genius, and can see things as only a genius can. He knows Darrelle is the single biggest reason why we’re #1 in Defense, why we’re good against the run despite losing Jenx. Hell, Rex is smart, he knows he can use Darrelle on all kinds of schemes, like blitzing, playing up as a safety… but why, oh why would he ever want to? So he could prove a point to those simple minded writers, and along the way see our defense slip to 7th or 9th or whatever, giving up 29 touchdown passes along the way?

    the voters don’t know jack about defense. It’s not their fault, they’re just not smart enough. Rex has pinged a couple of times about how our record hurt the exposure to Darrelle, not to mention Harris or Leonhard as well, whom played outstanding (Jimmy is the defense’s version of Wayne Chrebet, an outstanding player who’s all gumption, blood and guts – and a walkon to boot!).

    What Rex won’t tell you – cause he’s too classy, in the same way that he would never slight Woodson directly by name during his DPOY Rant – is that Darrelle also wasn’t recognized because those same writers cannot see and understand the completeness, the beauty, the absolute truth that is the creation of a dominating defense and the cornerstone that is a player of Darrelle’s caliber to that Defense. Ever.

    But not to worry, Joe. I feel giddy about Sunday. Darrelle will do his talking on the field. To borrow from George C. Scott’s Patton speech, “I almost feel sorry for the bastards”.

    Rex knows this, too, and will properly know how to press the buttons for our D. And if things go well, as we fans wish, then Darrelle – along with the rest of our beloved Green’n’White – will have the only hardware worth having in this league.

    T I M

  • Joe Cutri

    bottom line is….no one said darrelle definitely should have won

    but he DEFINITELY should have gotten more recognition than half the amount of first place votes that woodson got

    remember 2 key facts to woodson’s GREAT stats….

    1. He allowed career passing days to the steelers & cardinals.

    2. Of his 3 defensive touchdowns…one was against the lions & the other was against the cardinals’ backups


  • Joe Caporoso

    good points by both joe cutri and of course T I M…sean, revis still faced a much better group of receivers for the entire season. overall, i do believe the jets are a pass rusher and a healthy kris jenkins away from being one the best defenses we have seen in a long time. they will certainly have their hands full this weekend

  • dmd13

    Man the Jets are really just getting the big screw job this year huh?

    Having two teams lay down for them to get in the playoffs… and now we got complaints about Revis not winnning the DPY. Did anyone legitametly think he was going to win? Joe you probably wrote the article to why he should of won before it came out just like you are writing why the Jets lost this Sunday right now. I agree the voting should of been closer but Woodson had the all around numbers, and had the most impact of any defensive player this season. 4 games with multiple turnovers at the hands of woodson… thats putting your team in the driver seat 1/4th of the season, thats how you win the award. Revis controls the game Woodson changes the game.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Dan…i see you are back from your long island sabbatical, and you are coming in with a well-written comment, good stuff, you sound like you belong on the packers message board though. All I know is that Woodson can spend this week breaking down tape of larry fitzgerald shredding him and his pathetic defense up, while my man 24 is getting ready for a playoff game.

    big weekend coming up, dranks on me friday night

  • Perry

    Check out Kerry Rhodes’s exclusive interview with LockerBlogger about the Divisional Round!

  • Fellow Basement Jet

    did joe “i only bring 5 dollars to drink with every night” cap just say he was buying drinks friday night?…..i dont believe my eyes

  • Joe Caporoso

    that’s right B Real…maybe you will man up and drink with the basement this weekend instead of doing whatever you did last weekend