Off to Italy: Jets vs. Colts/Week 16 Predictions



First off, Merry Christmas everybody. I am about to head off to the airport for 7 nights back in the old homeland where my forefathers likely rooted for the worst soccer team in the country and passed that tradition down to me as a Jets fan when my family came to America. If you never see this blog updated again, it is likely I pulled a Michael Corleone found my Apollonia and will be settling down as a simple grape farmer in the hills of Italy, with no concerns about rookie quarterbacks, graduate school, playoff scenarios, or student loans. However, in the more likely case I will return a week from today to write about Jets/Colts which I will be viewing on DVD and the upcoming Jets/Bengals game.

I don’t expect to be coming home for a meaningful week 17 game but I can keep up some bizarre hope the next 7 days. I will be rocking my brand new white Titans Darrelle Revis jersey as a final show of support on the plane today. What do I think will happen in week 16 while I am paddling down the canals of Venice?

1. I think the Jets will put a good fight but ultimately fall short to the Colts 27-17. I expect most of the Colts key players to play the bulk of the game and that should be enough for them to get a victory. The defense will play well but in the end Peyton Manning will be too much and Mark Sanchez won’t make enough plays for the Jets to get a victory.

2. I think the Miami Dolphins will beat the Houston Texans fairly easily and set themselves up to be playing for a playoff spot in week 17…yuck.

3. I think the Titans will knock off the Chargers tonight to keep their slim playoff hopes alive.

4. I think the Steelers will win a close one over the Ravens, muddling the AFC playoff picture even further.

5. I think New England will beat Jacksonville and wrap up the AFC East.

6. I think the Bengals will beat Kansas City and wrap up the AFC North.

7. I think Dallas will hold off Washington and the Giants will beat Carolina keeping the NFC race interesting for another week.

And with that…I’m off to Italy.

[youtube 0zXkDE_QRIU]

  • The Iron Marshal

    Have a great time, Joe – Mangia e bevi bene. Mi riportano una bella Napolitana con gli occhi verdi, ‘sta bene?

    I lived in Gaeta for 3 years during my early ’20’s… some of the best years of my life.

  • Greg

    enjoy your vino joe cause when you come home we got somethign to play for in week 17.. am i dreamingg? ..go jetss!

  • Jim Caldwell

    Joe, you will be a happy man when you get home from Italy and see the Jets take on the Colts scrubs. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS

  • bruceharper

    I’m not superstitious, but are there any other countries you can visit during the next Jet game(s)?