Jets vs. Falcons Prediction


First a few updates:

1. As expected Mark Sanchez was named the starter for Sunday…big shocker there. He will play with two knee braces on, which is what every fan wants to see from their 23 year old franchise quarterback. It is going to be cold and potentially snowing on Sunday, so it is a good chance for Sanchez to prove he could play in the cold weather.

2. Good for the Colts beating the Jaguars last night, which was a big help for the Jets. Bad for the Colts for deciding to play their starters, which means a Jets playoff birth is likely going to involve ending a team’s perfect season in their building…I look forward to finding the out the result from my hotel room in Venice courtesy of NFL Game Rewind.

Jets vs. Falcons Prediction

This has been one of the more bizarre Jets seasons in recent memory…from a surprisingly strong start, to some ridiculously creative, painful losses, to getting embarrassed in New England, to a random three game winning streak that has somehow stuck them in the middle of the playoff race. The Jets have the league’s #1 total defense, #1 passing defense, and #1 rushing attack…and yet they are a 7-6 team who is longshot to make the postseason.

For some reason I see the entire Jets season coming down to next week, coming down to beating the undefeated Colts in their building. I think if the Jets win out, they’ll find a way to get in. Do I think they will beat Indy? That is an article for another week…however, for this week I got a good feeling…maybe it is the holidays, maybe it is the fact I am finally recovering from my strep throat/103 fever combination, maybe it is because I am finally ‘freakin done with all my grad school finals, but Sunday is going to be a good day for the Jets.

I am predicting a strong  performance from the Jets defense. I expect a couple of turnovers, a handful of sacks, and the Falcons not to score more than 10-13 points. On offense, the Jets will run the ball to their normal level of success and yes hit a few big plays down the field against Atlanta’s terrible secondary. A little time on the bench will prove to do Mark Sanchez good and he will play one of his better games of the season. Final score…Jets 23 Falcons 10.

I think the Jets will get some help this week in the form of a Miami and New England loss and I think this is the week to enjoy this Jets playoff pipe dream the most because it is likely coming to an end next week in Indianapolis.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • The Iron Marshal

    Hey, JOE!!! Been a long time, looks like lots other Jets faithful have been busy with Christmas shopping and digging out of snowstorms! Got 15 inches here (fairfield county, CT).

    I went to the playoff win over the Colts 41-0 (yep, 5 Jan 2003… how time flies!), froze my tush off, had a great time. I think the Jets can beat the Colts, as long as the O doesn’t make mistakes.

    Yes, I know, you’re thinking right now, “that Iron Marshal guy, always the optimist!” – what else could a Jets fan be but optimistic?!!! Hell it could be worse, I could be a Browns or Lions fan. Talk about need for psychotherapy!

    Lookin forward to a great game, have an excellent Christmas & New Years, Joe – keep up the great work on TOTJ!

    The Iron Marshal

  • The Iron Marshal

    Well, Joe, what can I say? These guys remind me of the Dungy Buccaneers, an excellent defense which, if you kept it close, you might figure on catching lightning in a bottle and beating in the end.

    I mean, how could the Jets NOT have a guy on Tony Gonzalez on the 4th and goal??? Tony, Pro-Bowl, 1st Ballot Hall of FUCKING FAMER GONZALEZ???

    Not that it would have made much of a difference today or this year, the team’s clearly not ready for taking on 1st tier teams like the Colts – but this one hurts. After watching so many almost-INT’s, watching them dominate, I figured even with the odd-gawful FG team performance, that the D could shut them down on that last drive.

    Bitter… maybe the team will remember this, internalize it. And when next year comes up, and they ride the rollercoaster that is an NFL season, they’ll be in the unavoidable low points along the ride, remember what this feels like, and do what the real champions do at times like this –

    Hunker Down, Refuse to Lose, Grind it Better and Harder than the guy across from you in the other uniform.

    They’re not quite there, yet.

    And until they can do that, any talk of deep playoff runs or more is fantasy.

    T I M

  • mike

    Well it is going to be a long off season. The fisrst thing we ny fans should do is ask the commish to resign for allowing refs to fix games for their favorite teams. The ny-atl game was a terrible called game . Everything was for atlanta. They didn’t call grounding or facemask or anything else that Atlanta did. These qwere also Southern refs. and you know what that means. I live in Florida There is so much corruption down here from sports to politics it is laughable.They called unsportsmanlike penalty on Brad Smith and he wasn’t even on the field.that helprdv atlanta with their td drive.We neerd to either boycott the nfl until we get some descent people to run things not mob lawyers and there associates like we have now

  • Joe Caporoso

    mike…fair point about the refs, who had multiple terrible point against the jets. the unsportsmanlike on the last drive was a joke and the intentional grounding was a terrible call.

    iron marshall…good to hear from you again, and good to see you still have some optimism left, mine is just about gone these days haha.

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    Merry Christmas! And have a good time!

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