The 2007 to 2009 Jets vs. Patriots Parallel


First a few updates:

1. The Rex Ryan crying story has got alot of run in the New York media, when discussing it today he made light of the situation by bringing out a box of tissues in the beginning of his press conference and a prepared statement to mock Mark Sanchez…pretty funny stuff. Ryan is a hard guy not to like and has a good self-depreciating sense of humor. I really don’t have a strong opinion on the whole issue. We will see if it leads to any different results on the field this Sunday against one of the NFL’s elite teams.

2. Other highlights from the Rex Ryan press conference: Jim Leonhard and Vernon Gholston bothmissed practice today, neither are expected to play this weekend against New England. I would expect Leonhard to miss at least 2 or 3 games while recovering from thumb surgery. Shaun Ellis and Brad Smithwere limited but are expected to play. Rex Ryan still expressed tons of confidence in his team and his belief that he will be a champion with the Jets by the end of Obama’s first term. He also said “we are going to try to whip New England…again.”

3. There is a pretty funny story circulating about Braylon Edwards buying Rihanna a $10,000 bottle of champagne at a nightclub and having the bottle sent back because she didn’t know who he was…owch.

4. A storyline out of New England is how angry the Patriots were about how the Jets were celebrating like they won the Super Bowl after their week two victory. There was a similar story with the Jets being angry about the Dolphins celebrating in a similar fashion after they beat them on Monday night. What is with all these problems about celebrating after victories in the AFC East? How can you say the Jets were celebrating like they won the Super Bowl when the overwhelming majority of people on their team haven’t been near a a Super Bowl? They don’t know how Super Bowl champions act.

The 2007 to 2009 Jets vs. Patriots Parallel

The dominant national storyline on the upcoming Jets/Patriots game is this: New England is angry. They blew a game to the Colts they should have won. They are looking for revenge on the Jets for a week two loss. The Jets are in the midst of a meltdown and now have to travel to New England as double digit underdogs. It is going to get ugly for the Jets this weekend. I have heard numerous national writers talk about the Patriots running it up, hanging a 60 spot on the Jets, and taking out all their frustration against the hapless, helpless Jets. It reminds of when me the 3-10 Jets traveled to face the 13-0 Patriots on December 16th, 2007.

If you can remember the Patriots were angry with the Jets for Spygate. Bill Belichick was going to be looking to run it up on Eric Mangini and the Jets. New England had been regularly beating teams by 30 and 40 points all season and would certainly be looking to put at least 6o up on the Jets. Everybody was gleefully picking scores like 52-14, 59-3, etc, etc. How could the Jets even manage to stay close to the Patriots in New England?

82886912Well in the middle of a dismal 2007 season, the Jets played their best game of the season and Eric Mangini probably came up with one of his best defensive game plans in his three year tenure as the Jets coach. How can I be talking positively about a 20-10 loss? Do you remember the line-up the Jets brought to New England to face a Patriots team that finished the regular season 16-0? They started Kellen Clemens at quarterback, Justin McCariens at receiver, and David Barrett at corner. Anthony Clement and Adrien Clarke were starters on the offensive line…yikes, but somehow the Jets made the score 20-17 with 2:38 left on the clock on a McCariens touchdown catch. Unfortunately, the play was reviewed and overruled (because McCariens can’t catch), Mike Nugent missed a chip shot field goal and the Pats ran out of the clock for a 20-10 win.

The Jets forced New England into their worst offensive performance of the season, by a long shot. Tom Brady went 14/27 for 140 yards with an INT and zero touchdowns. It was the only game all season he didn’t throw a touchdown pass, in a year where he threw 5o touchdowns. New England’s offense did nothing against an average Jets defense. They scored a touchdown on an interception return (which knocked Kellen Clemens out of the game) and blocked a punt that they recovered on the 1 yard line, leading to their only offensive touchdown. Somehow a offense led by Chad Pennington, who hadn’t played in 4 weeks and featured a receiving core led by a banged up Jerricho Cotchery, Justin McCariens, and Chris Baker managed more yards through the air than New England’s passing attack.

What does all this mean? It means don’t expect the Jets to lose by 30 this weekend. New England won’t be running the score up on anybody because Randy Moss won’t have 175 yards receiving and 2 touchdowns, in fact I doubt he comes anywhere near 100 yards because Darrelle Revis has owned him since that game in 2007 where he grabbed a one-handed interception over him. Including the second meeting in 2007, the stats Moss has posted in 4 meetings with the Jets are: 14 receptions, 151 yards, and 1 touchdown so I would expect Moss to have his usual 4 catches and 38 yards this week that he does against Revis, who has more interceptions in that span of games (2) than Moss does touchdowns (1).

I am not saying the Jets are going to win. Tom Brady will find a way to move the ball and the Jets will have their hands full stopping Wes Welker. It won’t be easy for Mark Sanchez to move the football against a complex Belichick game plan but if he is smart he will throw the ball often to Jerricho Cotchery who has killed the Pats over the past few years. Yet, this game won’t be over at halftime. These are two rivals who know each other well. The Jets will find a way to keep this game close and likely they will find a unique, painful way to lose at the end, like they have 4 other times this season.

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Author: Joe Caporoso

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