It Only Took 9 Games For The Season to Be Over: Jets Lose to Jags

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Well, I was able to entertain playoff hopes until 4 PM on November 15th but now even an optimistic person like myself has to admit the 2009 Jets won’t be playing any meaningful late season games or playoff games in 2009. My cousin said it best after the game, while trying to pinpoint why the Jets lost yet another close game “it is all bad.” He is right, many people like myself were under the delusion that the Jets were a good team that had caught a few bad breaks and lost a few close games, but should still be considered a contender. Here is the reality, good teams find a way to win close games and bad teams find a way to lose close games. I don’t have to tell you which category the Jets fit in.

All I know is that the Jets were winning 22-21 with under 5 minutes to play with Jacksonville on their own 17 yard. If you have a great defense, than you win the football game because your defense takes care of business. Unfortunately, Rex Ryan and his defense are frauds. They talk like a great defense but they really are only a good defense that plays terribly when the game is on the line. Jacksonville converted two key third downs and then overrated, overhyped, Mr. I never make a big play, Kerry Rhodes was beat like a drum by the immortal Mercedes Lewis for a killer reception down the middle of the field, that effectively ended the game. Way to go Kerry, you are starting to rival Vernon Gholston as the most overpaid player in a Jets uniform.

Mark Sanchez had two bad interceptions and missed open receivers on more than one occasion, leading to another day with a completion percentage barely above 50. He also took a condescending tone with the media after the game, which is a never a good idea and a sign of immaturity. In terms of on the field, Jets fans refuse to accept they have a rookie quarterback and he is going to struggle at times. The numbers aren’t going to show it at the end of the season but Sanchez has shown signs of being the quarterback the Jets drafted him to be and did enough today for them to win, like he did in their two losses to Miami. The defense is supposed to take care of their rookie but they choked today like they choked on Monday night in Miami.

I vote the Jets start Eric Smith over Kerry Rhodes from now on and that every time Rex Ryan says “I believe we have a great team,” he isn’t allowed to eat for a full day.

By the way, it could get real ugly next weekend in New England. Everybody in the Jets locker room knows the season is over and the Pats are going to be looking for revenge. I’d take the Pats and the over.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • JC

    I agree with you Joe.Start Smith over Rodhes. He is more about tweeting and being at magazines than make plays on the field. Enough!

  • Joe, it was a good game. Jags needed the tight road win to get some confidence because they host Buffalo and then SF so its time to make a playoff run.

  • Angel


    I can’t tell you how sick to my stomach I feel.

    The reality is, if I told you at the beginning of the preseason that Leon Washington and Kerry Jenkins would be lost for the season, the Rookie Mark Sanchez will start, Cotchery would be out for a while due to injury, Lito Sheppard and Vernon Gholston are a bust, and Miami would sweep us—I think most people would expect an 8-8 season.

    I think the offense lost the New Orleans and Buffalo games, the Special Teams lost the Miami game, and the defense lost us the other 2.

    I can’t believe we can’t stop a bunch of chumps like the Jaguars on the last drive to hold on to a win. NO EXCUSE!

    I don’t see us getting this thing together and winning out the rest of the season, cause that’s our only hope.

    Same old Jets. I do see a glimmer of hope for next year though.

  • Coach

    Joe, what sickens more than anything else that the Jets just gave the division away to the Pats. After beating them on opening day,and of course all Jets fans put them in Super Bowl right after the game, they go on to lose one bad game after another! I needed the Jets to win that game yesterday to make next weeks game meaningful for the AFC! Fortunately, Bill Belichick made an ass of himself by not punting and gave the Colts home field throughout. I was however enjoying your bumbling coach standing on the sidelines suffering. He is so arrogant and as you say will still try to tell everyone who will listen (glad you stopped) that the Jets have a great defense. You are 100% right when you say that the D should protect the Rookie QB! As always, great observation and I am sorry your season had to end so soon. But, I look forward to your presence at my home on “Wild Card Weekend” and if we are lucky we might get a little snow to continue our back yard half-time football game. Who knows it could become a tradition!

  • The Iron Marshall

    hey, Joe, it’s the Iron Marshal.

    certainly the hopes for the playoffs took a hit, but there’s lot’s of football to be had. For starters, Good teams also don’t make the playoffs, but still play tough ball even when there’s little (re: playoff prospects) to hope for. Difference between good teams and the not so good ones? When the going gets tough, like when it becomes evident that they’re prob not gonna make the playoffs, the good teams take care to not slip back, get lazy, become average teams or worse. Granted, the Jets are still learning how to be a good team, but the same principle applies – they have to find a way to continue to improve, to strive to become a superiour team, in spite of what the current season prospects are.

    What’s left now is to improve the fundamentals, coordination so that all three aspects are clicking, and finding ways to make a habit out of (A) finding ways to win & (B) not slipping back into the kinds of habits that lead to losing.

    Let’s take stock here. The Jets have lost 4 games where one part or another (defense, offense, special teams) were not performing to the expected level. One game was just a killer, “welcome to the NFL, rook” game which is almost unavoidable. The Defense has been the steadiest component, and shown flashes of becoming truly special. The path to building a dominating defense that the league fears does not stop with the lowering of playoff expectations during a given season.

    Our two pro bowl players, the most essential component of the defense and the most dynamic scoring threat on the team – both guys who opposing coordinators had to gameplan for – are out for the season.

    What’s the impact on the field?

    Offensively, I think LW’s absence is more acutely felt – but I gotta tell ya, Schotty’s playcalling just doesn’t do it for me. It’s like drinkin’ a six pack and realizing the girl I’m with for the night is gonna require more fortitude than that. His playcalling is ugly – and predictable. But not having LW there hurts.

    And Sanchez is a rook; he’s right where I expected him to be prior to the season. Streaky, still making mistakes, but making more plays. More importantly, the leadership qualities that are absolutely essential are there; the team believes in him and follow him, and when they’re all pulling in the same direction, getting good plays fm the sideline, this team gets moving pretty good.

    Defensively, the team still has gumption, made a few three and outs against the Jags, just not when it mattered. Jenks is missed in the middle, but not as much as last year when he was hurt – the guys in there, DeVito, Pouha, Green, Douglas, have improved.

    The Sims Walker TD, that was just shitty tackling from Lito who looked like he was a stick in the mud; no power generated out of his lower body as he tried the tackle, he sort of just let gravity fell him along the ball carrier’s path.

    So what I’m saying is, this is still a tough defense, and something from which a quality team, an enduring defense that makes a long term name for itself (not a one season wonder), can be built. Here’s a twist on it; even with the problems, the Jets D is still better than Baltimore’s this year. Think about that for a sec, and you’ll see that it’s something to work with.

    With our chances for the playoffs now severely diminished, there are some things that the team can try which will pay huge dividends in the future. Start having guys like Westerman & Murrell get more playing time. I’d love to see Rapoti Pitoitua get more snaps, too – something about him that reminds me of Jason Fabini or Jason Ferguson, unheralded picks who’ve got a certain kind of mean streak that the tough linemen all have.

    I’d give Eric Smith more opportunities in the secondary, taking away snaps from — Rhodes.

    Yep, you read right, my man Kerry has gotten soft, I think. There’s something missing in his play, can’t quite put my finger on it. Closest thing is, he doesn’t look hungry out there.

    Offensively, I’d love to see Rex look more over schotty’s shoulder and start putting some input in there, calling some plays. I’d like to see Greene get more carries, and I think the passing game should be opened up, too, letting Sanchez continue to improve his reads and further perfecting the essential connections (Cotch, Keller, Edwards) as well as giving Clowney and Smith more chances out there.

    Future bodies: We need to start seriously thinking about replenishing both Lines. Tanny should stop thinking about killer moves and get focused back on the draft, maybe trading up hi picks to get more picks. Serious, mondo contracts will be coming due in the next couple of years: Leon, Mangold, Revis & Edwards – all guys that I really think we have to keep. Especially Mangold & Revis; Darrelle is definitely a keeper, one of the three if not the best corner in the league today. But Mangold is quietly turned himself into the best center in the game, imh-JetsBiased-O.

    Schotty needs to get more daring – lets see what our guys can do. The best part of the offense is the line – it provides superior run blocking and very good to excellent pass protection. Use the former to develop Greene behind, and the latter as the cornerstone defensive perimeter behind which Sanchez continues to develop into the killer passer he’s shown flashes of becoming. Schotty’s gone next year, anyway, so this is a worthwhile task.

    Rex must now steel himself to the shitty side of the NY media circus; he will now be hounded by all the naysayers. He’s gonna have to tough it out, and I think he will. As I’ve mentioned before here, he’s old school, takes the hits for the team in front of the cameras, because he knows they’re gonna take the hits for him out on the field.

    It’s a marathon Joe, despite the disappointment of today’s loss and the implications for the rest of this season, there’s alot of exciting opportunities here to continue to build a killer team.

    The only thing worse than a team whose playoff hopes have dimmed in a season, is a team who loses their fire and starts mailing it in because of that. That kind of crap saps the team, leads to long, dark, cold walks into the night of irrelevance and Rich-Kotex induced nightmares, and can affect a team for the next season.

    Rex can’t let that happen, and my money is, he won’t. For my part, I’m pretty sure we’re not gonna see the post season this year, but for the rest of the season, I’m going to thoroughly enjoy watch the D continue to toughen up and kick ass.

    T I M

    PS: yes, you are correct… no need to re-read the above; there really was no mention of the Ghost. He’s officially a bust. If we trade him and get a 4th or a 5th, we should go to church and light candles of thanks.

  • Joe Caporoso

    I think most of the fan base is fed up with Rhodes and I think Sanchez is rightly getting torn apart by the media today for the way he handled his press conference.

    i still can’t believe Bellichick made that decision last night