Grading Out The Jets/Dolphins Game

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First a few updates:

1. The Game Highlights and Stats section have been updated.

2. A few things from Rex Ryan’s press conference today: He pointed out a potential problem on special teams might have been having Ahmad Carroll, Marquice Cole, and Marques Murrell inactive due to some injury situations and mentioned they may need to always have guys like them active regardless of their lack of participation on defense. Ryan also stood firm on having a “hands-off” approach on offense and special teams, and relying on the ‘expertise’ of the coordinators. He also defended giving the team 6 days off this week because of the team’s need to get away from football for a little while and then come back fresh. Something interesting he said about the bye week is that he will have the offensive coaches break down the Jets defensive tape and the defensive coaches break down the Jets offensive tape, to analyze each group tendencies and make recommendations to each other. Regardless of the criticism, Rex Ryan said he isn’t going to change his personality or his confident style of talking/coaching. Like I said yesterday, you are what you are. This is the guy the Jets hired, don’t expect him to change. If you liked him in week 3, then you should still like him now. If you thought he was too brash/cocky from the beginning, then you should obviously still feel that way now.

Grading Out The Jets/Dolphins Game

Quarterbacks: (B+) Mark Sanchez had his best game since the early weeks of the season, finishing 20/35, with 265 yards, 2 passing touchdowns and a rushing touchdown. Most importantly, he didn’t turn the ball over for the second week in a row. He got off to a slow start and played tight early, missing a few throws over the middle. However, he put together a great second half and led the Jets on three touchdown drives. On the final drive, he has to avoid taking a sack on third down and make a quicker decision on the fourth down play. He turned their fourth and 13 play into a hail mary, which he pretty much threw out of the end-zone. I don’t know what the play call was in that situation, but I would I think the best bet would be for him to take a 5 step drop and put up a jump ball to either Braylon Edwards or Dustin Keller and hope for them to make a play or draw pass interference.

Dolphins Jets FootballRunning Backs: (B) Thomas Jones was terrific for the third straight week, rushing for 102 yards and adding in a 28 yard reception. Shonn Greene killed the Jets with a fumble that was returned for a touchdown and appeared to run tentative after that play. The Jets are going to need Greene in the second half of the season so he needs to shake off the fumble and keep running hard.

Wide Receivers: (A) Jerricho Cotchery only had three receptions but all three were huge plays, including a 53 yarder, a third down conversion, and an impressive sideline grab during the final drive. Braylon Edwards was a beast and has earned a fat, new contract from the Jets for his two performances against Miami this season. David Clowney had three down third down catches, which were all short of the first down marker. On the first two, he did a bad job of running his route to the right depth.

Tight Ends: (B) Dustin Keller…welcome back. I don’t think Mark Sanchez and Brian Schottenheimer will be forgetting about #81 anytime soon after the game he put together yesterday. Ben Hartsock specializes in having ridiculously costly penalties and probably should be cut.

Offensive Line: (C) Alan Faneca had a rough day and let up a huge sack on the final drive. Sanchez took some monster hits this game. The running was also didn’t pop any huge plays.

Defensive Line: (A) Shaun Ellis (1.5 sacks), Marques Douglas (1 sack, 1 TFL), and Sione Pouha (5 tackles, 1 TFL) all played their best game of the season. Howard Green also chipped in with a solid effort off the bench. It is a shame that it went to waste in a loss. Hopefully, they can keep the production up in the second half of the year.

Linebackers: (A) Post-game sarcasm aside, Bart Scott played his best game as a Jet with 8 tackles, a sack, and two tackles for a loss. David Harris had a big sack and another solid overall day at the office. Bryan Thomas was beat for second half touchdown but beyond that played one of his better games of the year. Calvin Pace was somewhat quiet.

Secondary: (B) Jim Leonhard recorded a half sack and played a quality game. Darrelle Revis and Dwight Lowery didn’t give up any big plays or make any big plays. Kerry Rhodes had more contact in pre-game, than he did during the game where he only recorded 1 tackle.

Special Teams: (F-) Every Jets fan love affair with Danny Woodhead should end after this game because he blew outside contain on both kick return touchdowns. Ryan Fowler, Larry Izzo, Wallace Wright, Jay Feely, and Donald Strickland were also victims off horrible tackling/decision making on both kick return touchdowns. The quarterback lost the games against Buffalo and New Orleans. The defense lost the first game against Miami and the special teams lost this one against Miami.

Coaching: (C) The two point decisions were questionable. However, the Jets played a terrific game on defense and put up 25 points on offense, which should have been enough to win. Rex Ryan is never going to shut his mouth, even if the Jets lose their next 8 games so get used to it and either accept him as our coach or get off his bandwagon for good now. You can’t nominate him for NFL Coach of the year in week 3 and then ask for him to be fired in week 8.

As Usual For Us Jets Fans, “It is getting hard to believe things are going to get better…”

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • bruceharper

    We were one Jason Trusnick away from winning this game! Twice.

  • Perry Gabriele

    jets always find a way to lose games their supposed to win
    funny movie by the way

  • Joe Caporoso

    it is funny enough that jason trusnick probably would have made that tackle ryan fowler and larry izzo missed, they also missed ahmad carroll and marquice cole on their coverage units…and yes, it is amazing how creative the Jets are at losing games. only they could run 300 plus yards lose. only they could outgain a team 4-1 and still lose

  • bruceharper

    The Jets truly are special that way. One of my favorite stories about the Jets is about the longest run in Jets’ history. It was a 90 yard run by Johnny Johnson. They did not score on that drive-no touchdown, no FG, nada. (Jack Trudeau subbing for the injured Esiason, Pete Carroll, coach.) I keep telling myself it will be that much sweeter when they win.
    Look-Sanchez has the chance to be something special. The main goal of this season is to have him play 16 football games to get him the experience that will make him one of the best qbs in the game. He had a very good game, but imagine how much better he will be when he doesn’t get the yips and throw passes above the receivers heads in the first half? Have you noticed how he frequently has had to ‘settle down’ in a game before he gets hot? This, I think, is inexperience, The upside here is phenomenal.
    Hopefully, Ryan will also improve as a coach, and we will really have something here. The personnel, I think, is pretty good.

  • jetbo

    I have to admit I don’t have a clue what kind of team I’m looking at
    One that is heading for a 6-10 record or a 10 – 6 one

  • Angel

    Joe, I think you’re mostly ‘on the money’ with the grades but I have a couple of disagreements.

    QB – Sanchez held the ball half a blink too long on the last sack, but no way I fault him on this. He got whacked, never saw the guy coming, and held on to the ball. That one is on the O-line.

    Special Teams – Jay Feely was awesome and drilled Ginn twice. For him to be a factor at all in tackling is impressive. This disaster lays on the special teams players like Woodhead and Strickland AND on the coaches who decided to deactivate Carrol, Cole, and Murrell.

    Coaching – Going for 2 points was a non factor. It was a gamble that didn’t pay off and was completely nullified by the Fins failed 2 point conversion. His decision is magnified by the douchebag sportswriters who feel the need to question a coaches decision in order to create conflict and drama, thereby selling more papers. Same with the talking heads calling the game. They look at risk as an opportunity to attack and question the competence of the coach. It’s a questionable call – sure – but it barely had an impact on the game.

    I really like this team and I imagine the inconsistency is due to the growing pains. We have something special going on here, I just hope the fans are patient enough to appreciate it… and by ‘fans’ I mean the same idiots who wanted to bench Sanchez after the first half.

  • Joe Caporoso

    I think the talent is there and I am not down on this team as much as it appears that most fans/writers are, which I will write about later in the week. I just keep thinking of the 2006 team, which was 4-4 at the break and ended at 10-6, and with games left against Jak, TB, Car, Buf..don’t think it is crazy to hope for the same thing