Welcome to New York Braylon

You can never rest easy with Mike Tannenbaum at GM, whether it is spending big money for Alan Faneca, Kris Jenkins, Damien Woody, and Calvin Pace or trading up Brett Favre right before the Jets first pre-season game, or trading up for Mark Sanchez in this year’s draft, or now swinging a trade for Braylon Edwards as the Jets approach week five.

The Jets have been after a big name receiver all off-season and just when it was beginning to come apparent that they may have dropped the ball by not acquiring one, they managed to get some help from our old buddy Eric Mangini in Cleveland, who appears to have an infatuation with ex-Jets players. The Browns have now acquired CJ Mosley, Eric Barton, Kenyon Coleman, Brett Ratliff, Hank Poteat, David Bowens, Jason Trusnik, and Chansi Stuckey…all Jets last season.

Over the past two weeks, it had become clear that the Jets needed another option in their passing game. Chansi Stuckeyhas three catches for 19 yards over the past two games, including a key drop on a third down against New Orleans. Brad Smith only has three catches the entire season and David Clowney is yet to have a ball thrown his way. Jerricho Cotchery has been doing above and beyond his job with no support. Cotchery currently has 23 catches for 356 yards.

Rich Cimini of the New York Daily News pointed out these stats today, which show how badly the Jets needed to make some type of move: Cotchery caught 23 of the 34 balls thrown to him (68%), while Chansi Stuckey, Brad Smith and David Clowney have combined for only 14 catches out of 33 throws (42%).

Anyway on to Braylon Edwards, let’s start out with the negatives. Edwards has had multiple off the field issues, including a recent assault accusation against one of LeBron James’ friends, which is still being looked into. He has also been fined in the past for driving 120 miles per hour. Last season was a huge disappointment for Edwards, who struggled with drops on his way to having 55 catches for 873 yards, along with three touchdowns. This season he has 10 catches for 139 yards with 0 touchdowns.

The positives? Edwards is 6’3, 215 pounds. In 2007, he caught 80 passes for 1289 yards and 16…yes 16 touchdowns. Jerricho Cotchery has 14 career touchdowns in his 6 year career, Edwards had 16 in one season. He is a legitimate deep threat, who will prevent teams from double teaming Cotchery and not let teams overload the box because they have no fear of getting beat deep. His presence in the line-up will open up the Jets running game, aid in Mark Sanchez’s growth, and help the production of both Cotchery and Dustin Keller.

The trade? The Jets had to give up Stuckey and backup linebacker/special teams ace Jason Trusnik. You have to feel bad for those two guys going from the 3-1 Rex Ryan Jets to the 0-4 Eric Mangini Browns. It is also being reported the Jets gave up a 3rd and 5th round pick, although the year hasn’t been disclosed on the picks. Keep in mind, the Jets traded a conditional third round pick for Lito Sheppard, yet it remains to be seen whether he will reach the conditions necessary to make it a third round pick.

I am not sure how much Edwards will play this Monday night since he only has 5 days to pick up the offense, but I would expect to see plenty of him against the Dolphins. Brian Daboll likely took many aspects of Brian Schottenheimer’s scheme to Cleveland, so Edwards should be able to quickly pick it up. Also, the Jets can assist Edwards by tagging his routes in the play calls this week, while he acclimates to the new system.

Overall, this is a deal that can help take the Jets offense to the next level that didn’t cost them too much. In reality, you gave up a slot receiver, a backup linebacker, and two mid-round picks for a potential #1 receiver to support your franchise quarterback. On a 3-1 team that figures to be competing for an AFC East title and maybe more…the deal makes sense.

Start Getting Excited Jets Fans

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • jetbo

    it is a no brainer
    Even for one year

  • dmd13

    Is it not strange Crabtree and Braylon happened so close to each other?

    I think this how the dialogue went down

    Rex: Sorry Michael we are goin to go in another direction we need a wr now.

    Crabtree: But what about all that smoke you’ve been blowing up my ass about taking me next year in the draft? :-(… well I guess I will just play for these guys considering there not as horrific as I thought.

  • dmd13

    I also heard Lebron is putting a bounty on Braylon’s head… or he is just gonna step on the field himself and knock him out for the season.

  • bruceharper

    Getting Edwards basically frees up a first or second round draft pick for next spring that would have had to have been spent on a wide receiver. I love Tannenbaum’s technique of looking at the Jets’ weakest position and upgrading it. (Remember when Alan Faneca replaced Adrien Clarke?)

    Anyway, read the following and rejoice.

    How Braylon Edwards completes Jets’ offense
    October 7, 2009 10:56 AM

    Posted by ESPN.com’s Tim Graham

    The New York Jets went into 2009 with one of the NFL’s best offensive lines, two Pro Bowlers in their backfield, a dangerous tight end and a potential star at quarterback.

    The only missing element was the big-play receiver.

    The Jets finally snagged him Wednesday morning, swinging a deal with the Cleveland Browns to acquire Braylon Edwards for receiver Chansi Stuckey, special-teamer Jason Trusnik and two undisclosed picks.

    I phoned Scouts Inc. analyst Matt Williamson to ask what he thought adding Edwards would do for the Jets’ offense. Williamson was amazed by the trade.

    “That offense is now complete,” Williamson said, “and for the long haul, too.”

    Rex Brown/Getty Images
    The addition of Braylon Edwards fills a void in the Jets’ offense.
    The addition of Edwards will impact every facet of the Jets’ offense. You think coordinator Brian Schottenheimer is smiling?

    Rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez now has a go-to guy when he needs to stretch the field or for jump balls in the end zone. He puts Jerricho Cotchery in a more natural No. 2 receiver role. He backs off the safeties to give tight end Dustin Keller more room to get open. With fewer defenders near the line of scrimmage, running backs Thomas Jones and Leon Washington will get some space, too.

    “That was the one hole in this offense,” Williamson said. “That was the best way they could go out to fill it.”

    We don’t yet know what draft picks the Jets will part with, but even if one of them was their first-round pick for next year, Williamson thinks the Jets won this trade hands down.

    Given the Jets’ promising 3-1 start, they probably won’t be drafting in the top 10 next spring.

    “If they were to use a first-round pick on a receiver — let’s say it’s No. 25 overall — it wouldn’t be an elite prospect,” Williamson pointed out. “It would be a B-type guy, not an A-type guy. And rookie receivers don’t do well. It usually takes them a while.

    “Now you get the guy immediately. You’re a contender. The defense is there. The running game should be there. The peripheral receiving options look really strong between Cotchery and Washington and Keller. That’s a lot to throw at people, and I think Sanchez can digest it all and make his progression even smoother.”

    Edwards, however, has been erratic. He had a monster 2007 campaign: 80 receptions for 1,289 yards and 16 touchdowns.

    But for the past couple of years he has been plagued by dropped passes and off-the-field incorrigibility that made Browns fans shake their heads in disgust.

    Elias Sports Bureau counted 14 drops for Edwards last year with 55 catches, an outlandish drops-to-receptions ratio of 1 to 4.

    “Coming off that 2007 season, I was about ready to anoint him,” Williamson said. “He has it in him. He needs to cut down on the drops. He needs to be more consistent. There’s no doubt about that.

    “But his supporting cast hasn’t helped him. There’s not many guys out there you look at physically and producing in this league I would say ‘He can be No. 1,’ but Braylon’s one of them. From that regard, it’s a tremendous move.

    “The Jets are a contender. It’s early enough in the year that it might take him a month to get acclimated, but so what? You have him for the stretch run. You have him for the playoffs, where he’s clicking with everybody.”
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  • The Iron Marshal

    Please go to http://www.ErictheBest.org and nominate Mangini for New York Jets Exec of the year.

    So, this is what hitting one of LeBron James’ peeps will getcha? bounced outta town from a loser franchise to a team with a stud defense, franchise QB and a strong candidate for the playoffs?

    Cleveland PD better prepare themselves for a rash of beatings/punkdowns to be given out by half that team…

    T I M

  • Jets4Life

    The Jets are turning the corner. We are becoming an elite Franchise. We have the Owner, GM, coach and franchise QB. Those are the foundations of the elite long lasting teams in the NFL. This is not the “Same Ol Jets”. This is a vastly different organization with an aggresive philosophy.

    Getting Braylon Edwards is just another example of how we operate now. We’re going for it.

    Love this move. This is sending a message to Belicheat that we aren’t satisfied with kicking their ass once or twice a year, we want to do it for a few years.

    I can’t wait to eat some fish on Monday night.

  • Coach

    Hold on there Jets Fans! The first time BRAY-MAN heads in to the city and finds all those little delights running around he may end as front page news (not back page). Character counts and I don’t believe he can count to 5. Before you praise the move as the “key” to the “next trip” to Miami lets see how long it is before he makes his “first trip” to Rikers. Perhaps the Jets could have learned from the Giants or perhaps their teammates can share a cell. Good luck.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Eric Mangini does deserve the NY exec of the year award, Iron Marshal. How depressed do you think Stuckey and Trusnik were when they heard the news? Cleveland is turning into the Jets AAA team.

    Bruce Harper…those quotes by Williamson fired me up too…he makes some great points. With the way Cotchery has been playing this year, him and Edwards could be a deadly 1-2 with Keller/Leon to boot in the pass game. Also, watch TJ’s yards per carry jump over the next few weeks.

    Jets4Life…it is nice to have a GM who is doing everything in his power to win a Super Bowl. Why not the Jets this season? They are a legit contender this year, especially now with Edwards.

    Dan…i enjoy your jokes…man you need a job…you and me both haha.

    Coach…It sounds to me like you are scared about the Colts being overmatched by the J-E-T-S this December and then in the likely rematch in the playoffs

  • youngjet

    great move i would have preferred brandon marshall because he is at least consistent but i think this will work well for us and braylon as well being that he is in a way better situation and will play with a chip on his shoulder trying to earn a contract since his is up after this year.my question is do you guys think this is more of a quick fix or could this be a long term thing? i mean sanchez is 22 edwards is 26 cotchery is 27 keller is 23-24 leon is 26 and greene is 23.i mean hey we could really have something here on the offensive side of the ball for years to come.

    BTW i think edwards going up against revis everyday in practice is going to pay dividends come say week 10 11 and going forward for the playoff push for both revis and braylon

  • The Iron Marshal

    cryin’ like the grown men they are, as surely I would be if I were in their shoes, Joe. But they’ll get over it, lots of buds from the old team to build a core with over there.

    Cleveland is becoming our “oakland”, a curious, almost symbiotic and perverse relationship that feeds/strengthens the Jets just like Mad Al Davis has with the patsies.

    Hey!!! Ya think this might make the kissing suzy kolber listings? KSK has had a couple of absolutely OutRAGEous, blow-chunks-on-your-KB takes on Rex Ryan the past couple a weeks — surely Mangini has gotta be a finalist for a KSK run!

    T I M