Turn Off The Jets: Comically Bad Loss to Bills Reaction

Being a season ticket holding Jets fan my entire life, I have sat through some bad football games. Today was among the worst I have ever seen. The Bills were awful. The officiating was awful. Most importantly, the Jets were awful. It was a long, painful game to watch with no rhythm or tempo. By the fourth quarter, it wasn’t a question of if the Jets were going to lose, it was how they were going to lose. They found a uniquely, cruel and unusual way to drag it out today but sure enough they did lose in the end and are now 3-3.

Paging Kellen Clemens…Paging Erik Ainge…Paging Kevin O’Connell…Just kidding, but wow Mark Sanchez was bad today. I understand he is a rookie but that can’t be an excuse to throw five interceptions. The kid looked shaken today. He was on nowhere near the same page as his receivers and repeatedly killed the Jets with turnovers. There are plenty of things to point fingers at today but the bottom line is that you aren’t going to win with 5 interceptions. We know the talent is there but how many more performances like this is Sanchez going to have this year? He has already cost the team two games.

Airing of Grievances…The early reports is that Kris Jenkins is out for the season, when it rains it pours. The Jets defense was already struggling the past few weeks but is now going to be in serious trouble without Jenkins, who is their most valuable player on that side of the ball…Before you even think about saying the Jets defense played anywhere near good today, remember they recorded 1 sack for 5 yards against an offensive line starting three rookies, Rex Ryan’s blitz schemes aren’t fooling anybody and nobody on the Jets is talented enough to beat their blocker and make a play…Ryan Fitzpatrick led a 10 point second half comeback on the road against the defense…Lito Sheppard was beat like a drum all day by Lee Evans before finally being pulled for Dwight Lowery…There is no excuse for Steve Weatherford for dropping that snap and denying Jay Feely at a chance at winning the game in OT…The amount of penalties on the Jets was astronomical, every single drive in OT started with a penalty and they had the game pulled out of their hands by the officials thanks to a holding call, after Thomas Jones ran down to the 13 yard line in OT.

More Grievances…James Ihedigbo should be cut for punching somebody on the opening kickoff in OT and costing the Jets 15 yards…Mark Sanchez also can’t keep taking 15 yard sacks, throw the ball away. Dustin Keller and Mark Sanchez look they have never been in the same room as each other and are running different offenses…Brian Schottenheimer’s playcalling still leaves something to be desired.

Welcome back to mediocrity Jets fans. We had a nice three weeks in the beginning of the year without it, but now we are back where we belong. You are kidding yourselves if you feel confident about flying out to Oakland next week and getting a win. The Jets never play well on the West Coast, particularly in Oakland and the Raiders just took care of the Eagles today, who are much better than the Jets. Also, Mark Sanchez is currently playing like JaMarcus Russell.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • the Iron Marshal

    i’m numb.

    No Jenk, no D. Simple as that. His loss will be the most harshly felt… we now have Pouha who does not command double teams/get penetration the way Jenk does.

    Not a slight against Sione; very few do.

    And Howard Green was released to make room for Danny Woodhead – hope he’s still available.

    Keep Sanchez in the lineup; though I’m not averse to Kellen coming in to shake things up a bit. Though I gotta tell ya, one camera shot of Sanchez after the 3rd (or was it the 4th?) INT, he was sittin next to schotty on the bench, had a hat on… and I swear he almost started crying. He was in the ‘blinking away’ stage, know whattamean?

    The kid wants it, and the kid can do it, but it’s gonna be a harsh education, and the offense is gonna have to learn to bleed together cause our D just took a huge hit.

    We’re in free-fall… but I still bleed green’n’white. That will never change.

    T I M

  • Coach

    Well Joe, I have to say that I really feel bad for you and your fellow loyal Jets fans. This was an ugly game and yet I couldn’t turn it off. I was actually enjoyed seeing “Old Rexy” squirming on the sidelines and looking at his tiny defensive play sheet without a clue (maybe he should ask the West Orange coaches where they get their big play sheets from). But then, suddenly, he would explode with glee (giving the universal sign for “up your ass”) when TJ or LW ripped off another 60 yd run. But as soon as the defense got back on the field he looked very confused, he seem to loose some of his arrogance with every passing quarter. I guess what I am saying is that your team is a reflection of their coach, very Cybill like. Good luck on the west coast, maybe they should leave on Tuesday to acclimated. One more thing, as far as the REFS are concerned each week I see more and more calls that make me feel the NFL or should I say the New England Football League have an agenda. Although it did go both ways. If that catch by Evans that was reviewed and over turned at the end of regulation is not a catch, there are NO catches.

  • Joe Caporoso

    Tim…Free-Fallin is right, but somehow I will still be in front of that TV this Sunday at 4:15. Sanchez will defintley have a shorter leash from this point on.

    Coach…it is always about the officials and we both know had that holding call in OT after Jones ran down to 12 yard line went against the Colts, the screams of conspiracy would have been ringing through ringwood and the phone would be ringing off the hook with calls from uncle joe