Jets vs. Texans: Prediction, TOJ TV Episode I


First a few updates:

1. Click on the video below to see the first episode of TOJ TV, with my Jets/Texans Prediction.

2. Also, Texans receiver Kevin Walter will be a game time decision with a hamstring injury. David Anderson or Andre Davis would fill in for him.


This Week’s Song: The Game f/ Li’l Wayne – RED Magic

2 thoughts on “Jets vs. Texans: Prediction, TOJ TV Episode I

  1. when was the last time you predicted the jets would lose
    at least you are a yankee fan 2 so you don’t have to suffer all year long

  2. considering this is my first pick of the season, since its week 1, i obviously havent picked them to lose yet and yes i will enjoy the yankees winning the world series this year

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