Jets vs. Giants: What to Watch For

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1. The Jets appear to be completely healthy in terms of their starters and primary backups. The only two people who were working on the sideline today were Shonn Greene and reserve linebacker Joshua Magua. Rex Ryan said in today’s press conference that Greene has some cartilage issues in his ribs and that he will be out against the Giants and likely against the Eagles. Good thing the Jets didn’t trade Thomas Jones, right?

2. In response to Greene being banged up, the Jets signed undraftedrookie running back Anthony Kimble who played at Stanford. Look for Kimble and Danny Woodhead to get a ton of carries in that last pre-season game against Philly to save Thomas Jones and Leon Washington’s legs.

3. Ryan took another dig at New England today (although in a joking manner) when discussing the tampering rules. He was kidding around about the roster being nearly set and said unless somebody like Ed Reed came available he had an idea of who would make the team, he then commented he made sure that didn’t mention any New England players (referencing the Pats filing tampering claims a few years ago against the Jets when looking at Deion Branch)…always entertaining stuff from Ryan.

4. Ryan also confirmed that David Clowney would be seeing more reps with the first team against the Giants. Also, he stated the final roster spots at receiver aren’t set and implied that either Marcus Henry, Britt Davis, or Aundrae Allison could grab one of the 53 spots. When talking about the tight ends, he said nobody has emerged as the clear #2, although he expressed confidence in Wayne Hunter taking reps there.

5. Vernon Gholston will start and play the majority of the snaps with the first team against the Giants…oh boy.

Jets vs. Giants: What to Watch For

1. Doesn’t Get Any Easier, Rook – Mark Sanchez doesn’t get a break this week, as he will face another one of the NFL’s elite defenses. The Giants have the best collection of defensive lineman and pass rushers in the NFL, which will provide another test for Sanchez to adjust under constant pressure and different blitz packages. He will likely play into the third quarter and you would like to see him protect the football, take a few shots down the field, and get into some type of rhythm with Jerricho Cotchery who is yet to catch a pass from Sanchez this pre-season. Overall, the last thing you want to see is Sanchez implode after being named the starter, but judging from how this summer went that doesn’t seem likely to happen.

2. More Run D – The Jets run defense looked very good last week against Baltimore without Kris Jenkins, so logically they should be that much better on Saturday with him. Rex Ryan’s Ravens got embarrassed by the Giants running game last year and he hasn’t forgotten that. It will be a great test for the Jets front seven to go against the Giants offensive line and Brandon Jacobs/Ahmad Bradshaw.

3. Get After Eli – If there is an area I think the Jets have a nice advantage in against the Giants, it is their secondary against the G-Men’s receivers. Darrelle Revis will be back, rounding out a talented, deep Jets defensive backfield. The Giants have an inexperienced group of receivers and lack a legit #1 (and maybe even a legit #2 for that matter). I want to see the secondary smothering Steve Smith, Domenick Hixon, Sinorce Moss, Mario Manningham and whomever else the Giants throw out there. The Jets pass rush has been great this pre-season and the secondary’s coverage should help produce even more sacks on Saturday night. The only problem is that Vernon Gholston is starting and playing the majority of first team reps instead of Calvin Pace and that certainly won’t help the pass rush.

4. Who Is Catching This Ball – David Clowney will see a good amount of first team reps, so let’s see him make some plays against the Giants first team defense. Brad Smith is hanging by a thread as a player who will get meaningful reps. Chansi Stuckey has been quiet this pre-season and is slowly losing his spot to Clowney. Jerricho Cotchery needs to catch a few balls and start looking like a #1 receiver. I keep hearing hype about Britt Davis, but he hasn’t made any big plays. Also, at the tight end spot look for Sanchez to target Dustin Keller often. A young quarterback’s best friend is a pass catching tight end.

5. Can Anybody Punt – Rex Ryan didn’t hold back the criticism of his punters in today’s press conference. Hopefully, Reggie Hodges can step up and finally seize the job.

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Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

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    Some valid points and good information there. I must be critical being that I am a beat writer for, “Turn on the Giants”. Although I am a Sanchez fan and he has been cool as a cucumber in the media, I feel as though his struggles from Baltimore will continue against the NFC East Champion New York Giants. The Giants have arguably the best front 7 in the league and their defensive backfield is athletic and should have no problem locking up a bunch of mediocre and above average receivers. I do agree that the only way Sanchez will get in a rhythm will be with short high percentage passes to their running backs and Dustin Keller. Keller might create match-up problems similar to Dallas’s Jason Witten against the Giants outside linebackers.

    On the other side of the ball, the Giants have arguably the best offensive line in the game. I feel that the Jacobs / Bradshaw combination will be in full effect and will hopefully create opportunities for the giants wide receivers down field. It will be interesting to see Bart Scott meet Brandon Jacobs in the hole-talk about a heavy weight fight match-up. Darrel Revis is a skip away from being an elite corner in the NFL and I feel he will lock up who-ever ends up in the #1 spot (probably Hixon or Smith). Jacob’s brusing running style will force the Jets’s safeties into the box and look for speedsters Sinorce Moss or Mario Manningham to get behind the Jet’s coverage on a play-action pass. (Yes you heard it here first). I will also look for rookies Ramses Barden and Hakeem Nicks to see extended playing time as they too try to find their place inside the Giants offense.

    Now I know I sound confident, (and rightfully so being the Giants were the #1 seed in the NFC entering the playoffs) but I am hopeful we see the sharp Giants team that played against Carolina in their first pre-season game rather than the sloppy team that got embarrassed by Chicago last week. Regardless I hope both teams leave the game healthy.

    Prediction: NYG 17-NYJ 10

    By the way, I set the over / under on Muhlenberg players getting hurt or quitting following the Wesley scrimmage at 11. I am a proven handicapper and lets just say I’m taking the OVER.


  • Joe Caporoso


    I am glad to see that you basically wrote an entire article as a comment, we always appreciate that type of support here at You also make a great point about the Giants struggles covering tight ends, and they also do struggle covering speedy running backs out of the backfield which could equal a big night for #29.

    I do know about your talent as a handicapper and that number sounds about right to me. I hear the 2009 Mules need somebody to convert third downs, somebody to cut block, and somebody to stepp in at Z if phil gets hurt….sounds like they miss 9 and 16