Jets End of The Weekend Ramblings

First a few non-Jets updates:

1. RIP Steve McNair, who was tragically murdered over the weekend. “Air McNair” was one of the toughest, most exciting [layers I ever watched. I will never forget that Rams/Titans Superbowl, when McNair was running all over the field, making plays and nearly leading his team to the huge upset. Big loss for the NFL.

2. How about those Yankees?

3. How about those Mets? Wow, they are awful right now.

4. Happy belated 4th of July to everyone. I was having a great weekend until my friends and I just got whooped up by a bunch of younger kids in basketball…we are already in the “has-been” stage of our lives. As a personal note, I did shoot the ball very well (very, very well) but stunk it up on defense and rebounding…oh well.

Jets End of The Weekend Ramblings

1. Today I was hanging out with a group of my friends, discussing our upcoming fantasy football draft. Somebody said something about Reggie Bush and I responded that I was tired of hearing about him and that I would take Leon Washington over him any day of the week, not necessarily in fantasy football but just in general. My friends were shocked by my statement, and I said that Washington probably had more rushing, receiving, and return yards than Bush. Sure enough, as soon as my one friend got home he checked and sent me a text message gloating over Bush’s stats compared to Washington, but let’s take a closer look and see if I can shut my buddy up (yea, I’m talking to you Dan)

Bush and Washington were both drafted in 2006. Bush was the 2nd overall pick in the draft and the Jets got Washington mid-way through the 4th round. As of today, Reggie Bush has 418 carries for 1550 yards and 12 rushing touchdowns with 7 loss fumbles. Bush’s career yards per carry is a lowly 3.7. Washington on the other hand has 298 carries for 1451 yards and 13 rushing touchdowns with 2 loss fumbles. Leon is averaging an impressive 4.9 yards per carry for his career, which is why he has only 99 less rushing yards than Bush on 120 less carries. When it comes to running the football…advantage Washington because of a better yards per carry and 5 less loss fumbles.

On the receiving end, it is a different story. Bush has 213 catches for 1599 yards with 8 receiving touchdowns. He averages 7.5 yards per catch. Washington only has 108 catches for 838 yards with 2 receiving touchdowns and 7.8 yards per catch. Obviously, advantage Bush but let’s be fair, the Saints do a much better job of getting Bush the ball as a receiver, than the Jets with Washington. Leon is chronically under-used in the Jets offense, especially at receiver. Bush on the other hand gets 4 swing passes a game thrown to him.

On the return end, Bush has 498 punt return yards with 4 touchdowns. Washington has 583 punt return yards with 0 touchdowns. Bush averages 9.7 yards per return, and Washington averages 9.4. However, Bush doesn’t return kicks. Washington does and has 2601 career yards, with 4 touchdowns. Advantage…Leon for being versatile and returning both kicks and punts.

On more thing that benefits Leon Washington is that he has never missed a game in his NFL career. Bush missed 4 games two years ago and 6 games last year…advantage Leon for being more durable. So in the end, I am right Dan, it does make sense to want Leon Washington over Reggie Bush on your team. Now all I need is Mike Tannenbaum to give him a new contract.

2. Speaking of Tannenbaum, there has been some talk this past weekend about him being on the hot seat this upcoming year, which I suppose makes sense. The coach that he handpicked in 2006 was fired, leaving him on the chopping block if things don’t work out. However, I like how aggressive Tannenbaum has been the past few years and think he has done well in drafts. 2006: D’Brickashaw Ferguson (Very good player), Nick Mangold (Pro-Bowl), Leon Washington (Pro Bowl), Eric Smith, Brad Smith, and Kellen Clemens (all contributors the past few years). 2007: Darrelle Revis (Pro Bowl), David Harris (Very good player), Chansi Stuckey (Good Player), 2008: Vernon Gholston (Ut-Oh), Dustin Keller (Very good player), Dwight Lowery (Good player). In free agency, he did a good job bringing in three ex Ravens who are comfortable with Rex Ryan’s system and upgraded a shakey secondary with three new players. Obviously, Tannebaum’s future will be tied up to how well Mark Sanchez plays but as of now, I like trading up for a franchise quarterback and only giving up Kenyon Coleman, Abram, Elam, and Brett Ratliff in the process.

3. I am going to start doing positional analysis on the defense tomorrow but an early word on our corners. Lito Sheppard still worries me alot, he didn’t look good at all last season although he could turn out to be a similar story to Kris Jenkins. Sheppard wasn’t happy with his contract/situation and I think it affected his play. Hopefully, like Jenkins he will be rejuvenated by a new team and return to pro-bowl form. Also, I think everybody is sleeping on the Donald Strickland acquisition but it was a smart move to bring him in. The veteran provides good depth and experience to the secondary and should push Dwight Lowery to be a better player.

4. I really hope Sione Pouha and Howard Green can get the job done as Kris Jenkins’ backups. The big guy needs to be healthy for the Jets defense to run properly.

5. I saw Brian Cushing at a local bar this past weekend and made sure to yell how his old teammate Mark Sanchez and the Jets were going to take him and the Texans down week one. He acted like he didn’t hear me…but he did, he definitely did.

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the VP of Social Media at Whistle Sports

  • dmd13

    oh joe joe joe… You just will not learn your lesson, you neglect to mention very valuable information in your argument that thank god ESPN has supplied extremely valuable stats to support my argument. Reggie Bush is a starting running back in the NFL Leon Washington is not therefore this means a couple things. First off Washington comes in after Jones has been pounding the defense all game quite similar to two superbowl winning rb’s i know that averaged 5.6 and 5.3 yards per carry last season i.e Derrick Ward and Ahmad Bradshaw. Bush’s first quarter average per carry 5.4, hot balls… i dismal 2.9. Close to 370 of Washington’s yards are in the second and fourth quarter where the defense is tired because Jones is a bulldozer as much as i hate to compliment the Jet’s but he runs hard. So your argument to take the back up running back on a middle of the pack offense ranked 16 last year opposed to probable starting rb, if not starting he will be on the field anyway in the slot of the highest ranked offense in the league makes me question your validity. More rushing yards, almost twice as many receiving yards, more td’s, younger, on a better offense… what possibly could be the argument? Oh that’s right their is none!

  • dmd13

    THATS HOW YOU DEBATE! Will Ferrell “Old School”

  • Joe Caporoso

    Dmd aka Dan hiding behind his initials,

    I am surprised and dissapointed by your rebuttal. You usually rise to the occasion in our debates but this time you fall short. In the same way Leon Washington has split carries during his 3 years, Reggie Bush has split carries with Deuce McCallister and more recently Pierre Thomas softening up defenses for him. Also, the fact that Bush has been on a better offense with a pro-bowl QB compared to Washington who has played with a washed up Brett Favre, Kellen Clemens, and Chad Pennington only makes Leon’s numbers more impressive compared to Bush’s. Imagine Leon was on the Saints the past three years, with Drew Brees throwing to him and Sean Payton giving the ball enough, playing every single game every single season? I take my boy #29, instead of Reggie Bush and his 3.7 yards per carry and 12 game seasons.

    Always a pleasure talking to you…and I’ll see you at basketball tonight…remember I get buckets, so pass me the ball.

  • dmd13

    But Leon is on the Jets and Bush is on the best offense in the league so your original comment I would take Leon Washington before Reggie Bush in a fantasy football draft is absurd. Reggie Bush has more first quarter carries than Pierre Thomas so no he has not been pounding down the defense. Is it possible you are also comparing Pierre Thomas’ 625 yards rushing to the likes of Thomas Jones running for 1300+? Because I am not sure which comparison would be more ridiculous. Don’t try and belittle my comments because you know I am right and refute with a poor would of could of. If you would also like to compare postseason 2 games- 71 yards rushing, 154 yards receiving, 2 td’s to Leon Washington’s because the Jets are horrendous and Leon Washington is not a starting running back and will never ever be comparable to Reggie Bush except by a bias Jets fan.

  • Joe Caporoso


    You fail me again. My original comment was never that I would take Washington over Bush in fantasy football (even though i might), it was that i would take him over Bush in general as a football player on my team, again not in fantasy. I cite myself here in the original article:

    “Today I was hanging out with a group of my friends, discussing our upcoming fantasy football draft. Somebody said something about Reggie Bush and I responded that I was tired of hearing about him and that I would take Leon Washington over him any day of the week, not necessarily in fantasy football but just in general.”

    Yes, Thomas Jones is much better than Pierre Thomas but you are forgetting about 2006 when Bush had Deuce McCallister leading the way and Washington had…oh wait, he had nobody! He was the Jets leading rusher and STARTING running back. You are also forgetting in 2007, when Bush had the chance to be the Saints lead back and Starter, he got hurt and missed 4 games and only averaged a weak 3.7 yards per carry. In 2008 he only played 10 games with both Thomas and McCallister softening up the defense for him and both guys had more rushing yards than him, thats right Bush was the 3rd leading rusher on his 8-8 team last season.

    Your postseason stats are also wrong because the Jets made the playoffs in 2006, with guess who? Leon Washington as their starting running back, where he had 50 yards rushing and 25 receiving yards in their playoff game.

    Again one more time, Leon Washington was the Jets starting running back and leading rusher in 2006, when they were a 10-6 playoff team. Bush had that chance in 2007 because Deuce was hurt, but he ran for 500 yards in 12 games with a crappy 3.7 average and his team went 7-9. And enough with this best offense comments, the Saints did have the best offense in the NFL last year but not the two years before that, and even if they had the best offense last year, they were still 8-8, which was worse than the Jets at 9-7.