The 18th overall pick is wide open for the New York Jets. Outside of running back, what position truly isn’t in play? Most see the team focusing on wide receiver, tight end, or the secondary and those thoughts aren’t misguided but offensive line, linebacker, quarterback and even a hybrid defensive lineman are not completely off the table. Let’s take a quick run through some prospects and positions commonly associated with the team:

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Chris Johnson is a New York Jet. No longer the CJ2K of yesteryear (2009), many are left wondering what Johnson’s role with the team will be. While he may have lost a step, Johnson is still one of the most talented and durable players in the league. He should have a role with the Jets in passing situations, in the screen game, in pass protection, and as a change of pace back.

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The New York Jets have had an active offseason on the offensive side of the football. Yes, adding two wide receivers, a right tackle, a quarterback and a running back is active. However, there has been a predominantly negative narrative about the current construction of their offense. It is a unit that isn’t a finished product (ATTN 12 draft picks, training camp cuts and summer waiver wire pickups) but let’s take a look what they currently have, both from the negative narrative perspective and from a more pragmatic one.

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