Don’t look now, but we’re off to a hell of a start here picking games and winning bets here in this space. Of course, that would normally mean I’m due for a huge letdown and a 2-14 week is on deck, but I think this year is different. This year I have my ace in the hole. This year I have Mike Florio of PFT on my side!. As you may remember, for the first two weeks of the season I unveiled my #FadeFlorio campaign, and the very worst of all the terrible NFL writers in the world has not let me down en route to a 9-23 start to the season against the spread. I’m sitting pretty at a respectable 18-14 including 8-2 in my best bets, but it’s getting to the point we should all just blindly fade Florio and collect our winnings. Let’s dive into week 3 and get started. Continue reading

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